May 27 2014 4:53 PMThe Supreme Court Just Made the Death Penalty a Tiny Bit Saner
May 22 2014 11:47 AMDeath by NitrogenIf lethal injection falls out of favor, death penalty states could turn to a new method: nitrogen gas.
May 20 2014 6:40 PMWho Needs the Supreme Court?Gay marriage might just become the law of the land without ever heading back to Justice Kennedy.
May 16 2014 12:25 PMYou Don’t See What I SeeThe Supreme Court justices can’t stop calling each other “blind.”
May 13 2014 6:34 PMKennedy Versus KennedySame-sex marriage divides the 4th Circuit.
May 8 2014 3:28 PMThe Missing Key to Fighting Sexual Assault on CampusUniversities must make clear when having sex with a drunk person is a crime.
May 7 2014 5:03 PMA Second ChanceA new kind of medical amnesty law is saving the lives of drug users.
May 6 2014 5:11 PMMajority RulesAmericans now get to decide which religions we want to protect. Guess which one will always win?
May 2 2014 5:35 PMThe Gay Marriage Case That Makes No SenseNo, North Carolina does not make it a crime for a minister to perform a same-sex wedding.
April 30 2014 5:22 PMWhen the Death Penalty Turns Into Torture
April 24 2014 5:17 PMWhat We Talk About When We Talk About Talking About RaceDeep inside the Supreme Court’s affirmative action decision lies a fight about how we speak about race in America.
April 22 2014 6:09 PMOK, Michigan Can Ban Affirmative ActionBut does that really mean race no longer matters, as the Supreme Court’s conservatives say?
April 16 2014 6:13 PMRotten AppleI won’t buy another iPhone or Mac until the company pays its fair share of taxes. Care to join me?
April 14 2014 10:58 AMFrom Demon Weed to God’s PlantHow five pot-farming brothers are leading Colorado’s evangelicals toward embracing marijuana legalization.
April 7 2014 6:22 PMWho Deserves Religious Liberty?What Ross Douthat gets wrong about the Hobby Lobby and gay wedding photography cases.
May 26 2014 11:45 PMIn Alabama, Access to Abortion Through the Entire South Is on Trial
May 21 2014 3:58 PMLiberals Just Need to Stay Away From the Supreme CourtIf you’re a liberal, and thinking of bringing a case to the Supreme Court, don’t.
May 19 2014 3:22 PMPay Up, BPIt’s outrageous for the company to wriggle out of the settlement for the Gulf Coast oil spill.
May 16 2014 11:19 AMThe Worst Argument Ever Made Against Gay MarriageAnd that’s saying something.
May 9 2014 5:14 PMHow the Push to Abolish the Death Penalty Has Made the Death Penalty Less Safe
May 8 2014 1:30 PMA Prayer for LiberalsWhy are some liberals conceding that it's their fault for objecting to legislative prayer?
May 6 2014 11:49 PMTwo AmericasIn much of the country, the death penalty is disappearing. In the South, it lives on.
May 5 2014 6:05 PMLet Us PrayThe Supreme Court gives its blessing for prayer at town meetings. Get ready for a lot more Jesus in your life.
May 1 2014 10:55 AMFinally, a Judge Calls Shaken Baby Diagnosis an “Article of Faith”And frees Jennifer Del Prete, who was sentenced for murder 10 years ago.
April 25 2014 4:46 PMObama May Grant Clemency to Thousands of Drug Offenders. That’s Not Enough.
April 23 2014 3:26 PMA Long History of Armed Constitutional Vigilantism Predates Bundy Ranch
April 21 2014 11:46 PMThe Top 12 Government Programs EverWhat did they get right that so many others don’t?
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April 11 2014 2:27 PMThe Disappearing Public Outrage Over Political Corruption
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