Dec. 17 2014 8:00 AMThe Price of DeathWhy capital punishment cases are in steep decline, even in Texas.
Dec. 16 2014 2:51 PMThe Supreme Court Ignores the Lessons of FergusonAs the rest of the country worries about police overreach, the justices give cops yet more latitude. 
Dec. 8 2014 4:54 PMThis Case Cries Out for DisclosureWhat were grand jurors told about Eric Garner’s death?
Dec. 4 2014 11:48 PMAre Parents Obliged to Pay for College?Strangely, it may depend on whether they’re divorced.
Nov. 26 2014 4:35 PMShadow TrialProsecutors in Ferguson violated our right to an open criminal justice system.
Nov. 24 2014 11:43 PMDevil’s AdvocatesThanks to conservative Supreme Court rulings, the government must support the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Satanic Temple.
Nov. 20 2014 8:48 PMIt’s LegalThe underpinnings of the president’s immigration plan are anything but radical.
Nov. 20 2014 1:01 PMObama’s Immigration Plan Is Perfectly ConstitutionalIt’s a routine exercise of presidential power.
Nov. 18 2014 3:07 PMFairness in FergusonThe grand jury system is corrupt, and the Darren Wilson case shows how to fix it.
Nov. 13 2014 5:37 PMWhy Is Justin Wolfe Still in Prison?His murder conviction was vacated three years ago, but Virginia won’t set him free.
Nov. 11 2014 10:50 AMAfter the Deepwater Horizon Oil SpillThe Great Invisible reveals what happened to the victims.
Nov. 10 2014 6:45 PMObamacare Is Doomed! Everybody Panic!Not so fast, progressives. It’s far from a sure thing that the Supreme Court will destroy the Affordable Care Act.
Nov. 5 2014 5:30 PMEven Crazier in AlabamaVoters just passed a constitutional amendment that would overrule the Supreme Court.
Oct. 30 2014 2:21 PMDisagree in Good Faith?Sonia Sotomayor pushes other Supreme Court justices past their comfort zones.
Oct. 27 2014 3:11 PMNon-Christians Need Not ApplyKen Ham’s creationist theme park is already in trouble. 
Dec. 16 2014 5:21 PMThe Doomed Sandy Hook LawsuitA sweeping federal gun law could prevent the parents of the school shooting’s victims from ever getting justice.
Dec. 9 2014 8:13 AMGrand Juries Should Be AbolishedThe secrecy, lack of oversight, and disregard for the rules of evidence do not serve justice.
Dec. 5 2014 12:58 PMGreek GangsStates should treat rogue fraternities as criminal organizations and seize their assets.
Nov. 26 2014 5:20 PMThe Justice Department’s Next MoveDarren Wilson is a small fish. DOJ should go after the whole pond.
Nov. 25 2014 11:17 AMThe Independent Grand Jury That Wasn’tThe Ferguson prosecutor’s bizarre, self-justifying press conference revealed his own influence.
Nov. 24 2014 5:42 PMThe University of Virginia Finally Confronts Its Rape ProblemThe confidential sexual assault investigation system has failed. 
Nov. 20 2014 3:00 PMSacrifices to the Second AmendmentAccording to the NRA’s logic, the first victims of a mass shooting are merely an alarm for others to respond.
Nov. 19 2014 1:55 PMMassive Failures of JusticeWhy Texas is about to execute a profoundly mentally ill man.
Nov. 14 2014 4:05 PMSupreme Court Justices Are Not Really JudgesThey don’t take the law seriously enough.
Nov. 12 2014 12:46 PMThe High Court Takes Center StageThe biggest year in the Supreme Court’s modern history will shape the 2016 election.
Nov. 11 2014 7:47 AMThe Supreme Court’s Gerrymandering ConundrumDid Alabama legislators redraw district lines to hurt Democrats or to disenfranchise black voters?
Nov. 7 2014 12:16 PMAn Unexpected Triumph for JusticeConservatives spent millions this election cycle trying to unseat progressive judges—and they lost every time.
Oct. 31 2014 4:09 PMLousy JudgmentThis year’s scary election ads will destroy any lingering confidence in the judicial branch.
Oct. 29 2014 11:49 AMSearch PartyA 30-year-old loophole increasingly gives police officers a pass when they violate the Fourth Amendment.
Oct. 24 2014 6:20 PMThe Courts’ Baffling New MathBy what logic do hundreds of thousands of people simply stop counting?