Sept. 1 2015 6:07 PMMake This Death Not in VainHow did a mentally ill man charged with a trivial crime waste away in jail for months?
Aug. 26 2015 11:15 AMWhat’s the Difference?How Sandra Day O’Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Sonia Sotomayor brought wisdom to the Supreme Court.
Aug. 21 2015 2:50 PMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?The best part of the week? Meeting members like you at happy hours in New York and D.C.
Aug. 19 2015 11:55 AMThe Liberty to End One’s LifeHow the marriage equality movement led the way for death with dignity.
Aug. 12 2015 1:43 PMThe Hidden Bias of CamerasBody and dashboard-mounted cameras used by police don’t give an objective account of the facts. Here’s how we should reform them.
July 31 2015 2:16 PMJudge Denies Legal Personhood to Chimps—for NowLGBTQ cases show that rights are not defined by who exercised them in the past.
July 23 2015 12:27 PMDid Sandra Bland Have a Right to Film Her Arrest?Yes. Thank Citizens United.
July 22 2015 3:05 PM“Somersaults of Statutory Interpretation”Justice Scalia warns that his fellow justices’ opinions are a danger to the nation.
July 16 2015 8:05 PMWhen Prosecutors Believe the UnbelievableA man is finally freed, but that doesn’t mean the system worked.
July 10 2015 1:54 PMOfficial ActsFormer Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell just lost his best chance of staying out of prison.
July 7 2015 2:07 PMTexas Could Become an Even More Dangerous PlaceThe state Supreme Court just gave itself the power to strike down health and safety regulations it finds “oppressive.”
July 1 2015 1:37 PMThe End of the Death Penalty?Recent Supreme Court opinions suggest there are five votes to abolish capital punishment.
June 29 2015 2:57 PMMindlessly Literal Reading Loses AgainThis Supreme Court decision is a dig at Bush v. Gore.
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Aug. 25 2015 3:32 PMLife Is Short. Litigate.The many, many lawsuits of Ashley Madison.
Aug. 19 2015 4:47 PM“1 Shot Fired by Officer”The shape-shifting story of a cop who pulled over a driver and ended up shooting himself.
Aug. 16 2015 9:02 PMThe Trials of Ed GrafIn 1988, he was convicted of killing his stepsons—based on arson science we now know is bunk. A quarter of a century later, Texas granted him a new trial, one that pitted modern forensics against old-fashioned Texas justice.
Aug. 4 2015 11:26 AM“If We Launch a Gay Section, Will You Write for It?”How I covered the battle for marriage equality, from Windsor to Obergefell.
July 29 2015 2:21 PMHow America Can Prosecute More Poachers Like the Alleged Lion KillerA four-word fix would do it.
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July 21 2015 6:00 PMShould Colorado Execute James Holmes?A jury will soon sentence the mentally ill mass murderer.
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June 29 2015 1:58 PMOrigin StoryHow the 1942 case of a one-footed chicken thief laid the foundation for marriage equality.
June 29 2015 6:00 AMThe Justices’ JusticeFor years we feared the consequences of pushing social progress through the courts. Obergefell v. Hodges will prove we shouldn’t.
June 22 2015 4:41 PMDo Not DisturbThe Supreme Court rules that police can’t simply force hotels to turn over your private information.