March 22 2017 9:27 AMNeil Gorsuch Was Hatched in a Federalist Society LabWith spare body parts stolen from Atticus Finch, Richie Cunningham, and Snoopy.
March 21 2017 1:17 PMCovering the Courts Is Different NowSlate’s Mark Joseph Stern on the travel ban, LGBTQ rights, and Trump’s predisposition for illegality.
March 20 2017 7:33 PMHow Dare You Question Our Precious Nominee?Republicans broke every rule to block Merrick Garland. Now, they’re outraged that anyone would challenge Neil Gorsuch.
March 20 2017 9:28 AMDoes the First Amendment Protect Trump’s Travel Ban?A 9th Circuit judge just gave the Supreme Court’s conservatives an excuse to uphold the president’s bigoted executive order.
March 17 2017 6:35 PMThe DOJ’s Next TargetIn just two months, Trump’s Department of Justice has already made big moves on transgender rights and voter ID laws. Next up: guns.
March 15 2017 6:15 PMIt’s Normal for a President to Replace U.S. AttorneysThat doesn’t make it right.
March 14 2017 8:00 PMThe Never Mind TranscriptRead what Slate’s Amicus podcast had to say about SB 14 and Esquivel-Quintana v. Sessions.
March 14 2017 11:38 AMThe Constitution’s Limits on the U.S.-Mexico BorderRead what Slate’s Amicus podcast had to say about Hernandez v. Mesa.
March 10 2017 6:09 PMIs Trump’s Second Immigration Ban Unconstitutional?Assessing the legal challenges to the new executive order.
March 8 2017 7:24 PMCan Obama Sue Trump for Libel?Trump’s accusations against the former president could backfire.
March 8 2017 1:48 PMAppointing a Special Prosecutor to Investigate the Russia Mess Is Not EnoughSenate Democrats must press deputy attorney general nominee Rod Rosenstein to guarantee that the prosecutor would have real independence.
March 7 2017 11:47 AMThe Supreme Court’s Sex-Offender Jurisprudence Is Based on a LieThe Supreme Court believes most sex offenders will keep committing sex crimes. The data suggests otherwise.
March 6 2017 4:45 PMThe Man Who Could Control the Russia InvestigationWhy the confirmation hearing for Jeff Sessions’ deputy matters so much.
March 3 2017 12:13 PMDid Jeff Sessions Commit Perjury?Probably not.
March 1 2017 4:06 PMIs Same-Sex Marriage Safe?The Texas Supreme Court takes on the first major effort to roll back marriage equality in the age of Trump.
March 21 2017 2:19 PMCan Neil Gorsuch Answer a Question?On Day 2 of his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, it remains unclear.
March 21 2017 10:38 AMNeil Gorsuch and the “Frozen Trucker”The judge’s infamous dissent reveals he may not have the temperament to serve on the Supreme Court.
March 20 2017 11:23 AMFixing Gerrymandering Doesn’t Just Make Elections More FairIt also encourages elected officials to adjust how they govern.
March 19 2017 5:55 AMThe Case Against Neil GorsuchThe Supreme Court nominee’s jurisprudence shows he values religious people’s beliefs above all else.
March 16 2017 12:27 PMGroundhog Day in Travel TownOnce again, federal judges used Trump’s own words to knock down the administration’s travel ban.
March 15 2017 4:14 PMDon’t Dreamers Have Rights?Immigration officials argue they can deport DACA recipients for no particular reason. They’re wrong.
March 14 2017 5:08 PMAlito and the CodeDid the Supreme Court justice’s recent appearance at the Claremont Institute violate the ethical guidelines for United States judges?
March 13 2017 2:03 PMDear Donald. Danger! Love, Jeff and John.The well-timed letter that miraculously appeared to justify travel ban 2.0.
March 9 2017 12:14 PMDonald Trump and the Chamber of SecretsThe president’s solicitor general nominee Noel Francisco thinks executive privilege should shield pretty much everything. Uh-oh.
March 8 2017 6:04 PMNo Mercy for a DreamerThe case of Daniela Vargas embodies the casual cruelty of Trump’s war on lawful immigrants.
March 8 2017 1:24 PMBad for Undocumented Immigrants, a Gift to Domestic AbusersAn interview with the Denver city attorney on the consequences of the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown.
March 6 2017 6:16 PMThe Bogus Logic of Trump’s New Travel BanThe administration’s new executive order is full of dubious evidence and sketchy claims.
March 3 2017 4:13 PMIs the Muslim Ban Dead?Read what Slate’s Amicus podcast had to say about the 9th Circuit’s ruling on President Trump’s immigration restrictions.
March 2 2017 5:52 PMPostpone Trump’s Supreme Court PickNeil Gorsuch’s nomination cannot be separated from the serious questions that plague the administration.
March 1 2017 12:00 PMFirst, They Came for the Sex Offenders …We must speak up for the rights of those on the fringes of society. The Supreme Court’s ruling on sex offenders’ First Amendment rights will signal how much protection we can all expect.