May 25 2017 1:20 PMAlternative EvidenceA dialogue on how the law will handle a world of alternative facts.
May 23 2017 5:10 PMIs Anthony Kennedy Ready to Put an End to Partisan Gerrymandering?The Supreme Court’s swing voter will decide the future of American elections.
May 22 2017 6:23 PMRecuse Yourself, Rod RosensteinThe deputy attorney general should join his boss, Jeff Sessions, in stepping aside from the Russia investigation.
May 19 2017 4:30 PMThe Left’s New Darling Is Philadelphia’s Next District AttorneyProgressives believe Larry Krasner can help fix mass incarceration and hold police accountable. That may be too optimistic.
May 16 2017 2:56 PMArticles of Impeachment for Donald J. TrumpA first draft of an impeachment bill for the president.
May 15 2017 5:54 PMBad Faith? What’s That?The Justice Department’s attempts to wish away Donald Trump’s Muslim ban statements are not working.
May 13 2017 5:07 PMHow the President Obstructed JusticeWhy legal scholar Laurence Tribe believes Trump committed impeachable offenses in his firing of James Comey.
May 11 2017 2:11 PMMerrick Garland for FBI Director?Welcome to the most amazing Republican troll job yet.
May 10 2017 12:37 AMRod Rosenstein Is Being UsedTrump needed a man of integrity to justify James Comey’s firing. He found one in the deputy attorney general.
May 9 2017 1:09 PMHow Trump Will Transform the Federal CourtsOne young judge at a time.
May 9 2017 11:11 AMThe Only Constitutional Right That MattersConservative judges want to protect domestic abusers’ right to bear arms. Why don’t they care about protecting the right to vote?
May 5 2017 5:15 PMLawyers to the Rescue!Trump’s religious liberty executive order reads like it was lawyered to death.
May 4 2017 5:45 AMThe Man Who Could Stop Jeff SessionsWill Rod Rosenstein serve as a check on the attorney general, or will he tolerate his boss’s unabashed cheerleading for Trump?
May 2 2017 2:11 PMWhat Obama’s Former Ethics Counsel Thinks of TrumpSpoiler: He thinks Trump’s actions are illegal, and he’s suing him.
April 28 2017 3:30 PMCan the Death Penalty Ever Be Implemented Justly?A dialogue on the constitutionality—and justice—of executions.
May 25 2017 12:52 PMConstitutional Crisis of ComedyDonald Trump’s defenders say his apparent obstruction of justice was a joke. Comedians don’t get it.
May 22 2017 6:28 PMClarence Thomas Joins Liberals, Shocks WorldA strange Supreme Court alliance just struck a blow against racial gerrymandering in the United States.
May 19 2017 6:43 PMLast Night in ArkansasWhat it was like waiting for death with one of the four men executed by the state in April.
May 17 2017 4:26 PMTrump’s JusticeNeil Gorsuch will be the enduring symbol of a disastrous presidency.
May 15 2017 6:45 PMNorth Carolina’s “Monster” Voter-Suppression Law Is DeadIt may have been too overtly racist for the Supreme Court. But don’t think the battle is over.
May 15 2017 11:22 AMThe DOJ’s Drug WarriorJeff Sessions’ hard-line policies will “unleash” federal prosecutors. Uh-oh.
May 11 2017 7:03 PMRod Rosenstein Is a Cautionary TaleThose who serve Donald Trump are abused and betrayed by Donald Trump.
May 11 2017 11:55 AMWhere Is Jeff Sessions?We know a lot about the machinations behind James Comey’s firing. We still have no idea what role the attorney general played.
May 9 2017 3:39 PMTrump Poisons His Own LawsThe latest oral arguments over the administration’s travel ban show how the president’s words and intentions taint his agenda and the lawyers who defend it.
May 9 2017 12:39 PMSlayer of Ted Cruz, Defender of JusticeOn Monday, Sally Yates walked out of an Aaron Sorkin script and into liberals’ hearts.
May 7 2017 9:58 PMThe Legend of Sally YatesWith a singular act of defiance, the former acting attorney general became a liberal hero. But does she deserve it?
May 5 2017 10:49 AMDiscrimination Is Not De FactoA new book takes issue with the prevailing view that we can’t understand what causes segregation.
May 2 2017 2:31 PMThe Neutral Expert TranscriptRead what Slate’s Amicus podcast had to say about McWilliams v. Dunn and capital punishment trials.
May 1 2017 5:36 PMWill Fair Housing Stay Fair?The Supreme Court’s ruling in Bank of America v. Miami strengthened the Fair Housing Act—for now.
April 28 2017 12:37 PMCommon High Court GroundThe Supreme Court is looking for cases to curb abusive law enforcement seizures.