March 22 2016 8:05 PMZubik v. BurwellThe latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate could have wide-ranging impacts.
March 21 2016 5:55 PMPrivacy vs. PressThe Hulk Hogan case could force the Supreme Court to finally draw the line between press freedom and privacy. The press might not like it.
March 17 2016 1:56 PMMerrick Garland Would Shift the Court Decisively LeftwardIt’s why Republicans are vowing to block him.
March 16 2016 6:14 PMMerrick Garland Is Being Smeared as an Anti-Gun NutConservatives are trying to paint him as a warrior against the Second Amendment. They have no evidence for that whatsoever.
March 15 2016 5:07 PMBig-Government RepublicansThe GOP’s latest attempt to ban abortion shows the party’s limited government rhetoric is a fraud.
March 4 2016 12:30 PMClarence Thomas Finds His VoiceWhat made the justice finally speak up, and why now? 
March 1 2016 7:23 PMTexas’ Big LieThe laws it insists protect women’s health are actually anti-abortion. Will the Supreme Court see through the charade?
Feb. 26 2016 5:16 PMThe Case for Nominating Elizabeth Warren to the Supreme CourtThe time for temperate, modest, and self-abnegating wonks is next vacancy.
Feb. 26 2016 2:37 PMThe Chief Justice’s Biggest DecisionJohn Roberts can either moderate his views or let himself drift into irrelevance. 
Feb. 24 2016 4:14 PMDemocrats Should Hold Hearings for Obama’s Supreme Court NomineeIt doesn’t matter that Republicans won’t go.
Feb. 19 2016 2:38 PMAll Your Questions About Scalia and the Fate of the Supreme Court, AnsweredIn a special Dear Jurisprudence column, Slate’s legal eagles answer your questions about the court, the big nominating fight, and more.
Feb. 17 2016 6:47 PMThe Case for a Liberal ScaliaWhy President Obama should nominate a true progressive to the high court.
Feb. 17 2016 12:50 PMThe Nominations We Should Care About This Campaign SeasonDahlia Lithwick discusses what this presidential election means for the Supreme Court and why we should pay more attention.
Feb. 16 2016 5:46 PMWe Know the Type of Justice Obama Might PickBecause he’s already told us many times.
Feb. 15 2016 7:28 AMAntonin Scalia’s Other LegacyHe was often a friend of criminal defendants.
March 22 2016 7:00 AMThe Real Danger of Guns in SchoolsGeorgia’s new campus-carry bill is a threat to the state’s higher-learning institutions, gun violence aside.
March 17 2016 2:33 PMIdeological ImbalanceWhy Democrats usually pick moderate-liberal justices and Republicans usually pick conservative ones.
March 17 2016 11:08 AMSupreme Court NihilismThe GOP’s treatment of Merrick Garland is disgraceful.
March 15 2016 6:05 PMIs Donald Trump Inciting Violence?He might be. If so, the First Amendment can’t save him.
March 8 2016 12:34 PMThe Conservative Era Is OverAntonin Scalia’s death has already changed the way the Supreme Court—and conservative litigants—do business.
March 2 2016 12:21 PMBefore Black Lives MatterVagrancy laws plagued black Americans for decades. Then the civil rights movement happened. 
March 1 2016 2:07 PMElena Kagan Is the Best Writer on the Supreme CourtHer dissent in Lockhart v. United States shows she’s also Antonin Scalia’s unlikely intellectual heir.
Feb. 26 2016 3:13 PMGrim MathCalculating the odds that another Supreme Court justice will die by 2021.
Feb. 25 2016 2:41 PMThe Case of the CenturyThe FBI’s fight with Apple will have far-reaching implications beyond the government’s ability to snoop through an iPhone.
Feb. 23 2016 5:59 PMOrder in the Court!How John Roberts will keep the Supreme Court from descending into chaos.
Feb. 18 2016 11:59 AMGot Questions About SCOTUS, Scalia, or the Law? Ask Dear Jurisprudence.Slate’s legal eagles take your questions about the court, the big nominating fight, and more.
Feb. 17 2016 6:32 PMThe Human Toll of Antonin Scalia’s Time on the CourtBlacks, Latinos, and poor whites suffered because of his draconian approach to criminal punishment.
Feb. 16 2016 6:15 PMWhat Originalists Should Say About a Scalia ReplacementIt’s not what Ted Cruz is saying.
Feb. 15 2016 1:10 PMThe Tragedy of Antonin ScaliaHe thought he could remove politics from the Supreme Court, but he only made things worse.
Feb. 14 2016 11:00 AMWhy Liberals Loved to Hate Antonin ScaliaHe presented cruel, demeaning views in thought-provoking and stirring ways.