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July 1 2014 11:20 AMDo Americans Think Corporations Have the Right to Religious Freedom?We did a survey, and the answer is no.
June 26 2014 11:00 AMThe Fourth Amendment Goes DigitalThe Supreme Courts shows it understands how cellphones tip the privacy balance.
June 20 2014 6:10 PMThe Political Gabfest: The “Inside Baseball” Bonus SegmentListen to election law expert Rick Hasen explain recent court rulings that could shape 2016.
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June 13 2014 5:01 PMHow to Take Out a Supreme Court JusticeWhen politicians target elected judges with big money, the justice system loses.
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June 2 2014 3:28 PMChemical ReactionBehold the comic stylings of Chief Justice Roberts.
May 30 2014 4:23 PMNot in My BackyardThe courts and legislatures won’t solve our gun problem. Maybe the free market can.
May 28 2014 5:54 PMChilling EffectHow the attacks on a University of Virginia law professor are bad for academia, and all of us.
May 26 2014 11:45 PMIn Alabama, Access to Abortion Through the Entire South Is on Trial
May 21 2014 3:58 PMLiberals Just Need to Stay Away From the Supreme CourtIf you’re a liberal, and thinking of bringing a case to the Supreme Court, don’t.
May 19 2014 3:22 PMPay Up, BPIt’s outrageous for the company to wriggle out of the settlement for the Gulf Coast oil spill.
May 16 2014 11:19 AMThe Worst Argument Ever Made Against Gay MarriageAnd that’s saying something.
May 9 2014 5:14 PMHow the Push to Abolish the Death Penalty Has Made the Death Penalty Less Safe
July 3 2014 11:54 AMThe New Law of ReligionHobby Lobby rewrites religious-freedom law in ways that ignore everything that came before.
July 1 2014 10:33 AMThe Breakfast Table Out LoudListen to Dahlia Lithwick and Eric Posner consider faux-nanimity on the high court and what’s hinky about Hobby Lobby.
June 23 2014 6:38 PMRand Paul, Criminal Justice HeroThe senator from Kentucky wants to give ex-felons the vote even though they won’t vote Republican.
June 20 2014 3:12 PMHere’s $20 Million for Your CandidateThe Scott Walker case could shred the remaining limits on influencing elections.
June 16 2014 5:35 PMAre Facebook Threats Real?The Supreme Court will soon decide.
June 11 2014 12:16 PM“Where Do You Think That Rage Came From?”To get parole, people sentenced to life as juveniles must reckon with their pasts.
June 5 2014 1:34 PMNot Your Law School Graduation SpeakerProgressive law students won’t hear from the lions of the Warren Court again this week.
June 2 2014 2:26 PMWill Eric Holder Back Off? The attorney general doesn’t really want New York Times reporter James Risen to go to jail. 
May 30 2014 7:11 AM“There Have Been No Direct Threats, I’m Delighted to Say”Meet the Bush-appointed judge who just brought marriage equality to Pennsylvania.
May 27 2014 4:53 PMThe Supreme Court Just Made the Death Penalty a Tiny Bit Saner
May 22 2014 11:47 AMDeath by NitrogenIf lethal injection falls out of favor, death penalty states could turn to a new method: nitrogen gas.
May 20 2014 6:40 PMWho Needs the Supreme Court?Gay marriage might just become the law of the land without ever heading back to Justice Kennedy.
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