June 8 2016 4:15 PMJustice for NoneThe Stanford rape case demonstrates liberal hypocrisy on issues of basic fairness in the criminal justice system.
June 6 2016 3:47 PMTrump’s Attack on Judge Curiel Is Not Only RacistIt threatens an independent judiciary, which aligns perfectly with what the GOP has done for years. 
June 1 2016 4:28 PMThe Supreme Court Is Bored Out of Its MindThe eight justices are getting surly and listless while they wait for a ninth member.
May 26 2016 5:51 AMHow Prosecutors Get Rid of Black JurorsThe ugly practice that was exposed by the Supreme Court in the 1980s is still pervasive.
May 23 2016 5:14 PMSore LosersSamuel Alito and Clarence Thomas are still trying to keep juvenile offenders behind bars for life.
May 23 2016 2:26 PMPeremptory PrejudiceRacism still infects jury challenges, even if most aren’t as blatant as these awful Georgia prosecutors.
May 13 2016 5:59 PMStill No AnswersJamycheal Mitchell’s death in a Virginia jail cell still hasn’t been explained. It should be a national scandal.
May 6 2016 1:11 PMWhich Candidate Is the Best Sweet Talker? Slate’s Political Gabfest performs a parody of what a contested convention would have looked like—using candy bars! 
May 4 2016 4:36 PMThe Stingers Get StungOne California judge just sent a seething message to police who illegally target gay men in sting operations.
April 27 2016 5:15 AMRepeated ViolationsBYU is violating the spirit of Title IX, harming sexual assault survivors, and making rape more likely with its absurd honor code enforcement.
April 22 2016 6:04 PMJohn Roberts Under AttackThe chief justice continues to be blamed for Merrick Garland not getting a Senate hearing.
April 21 2016 3:28 PMLet Them WorkPrisoners need jobs while still in prison to break America’s epidemic of recidivism. 
April 14 2016 4:51 PMThe Contraception CompromiseReligious objectors may finally be backing down from their Obamacare challenge. Here’s why.
April 7 2016 5:45 AMFor ShameThe criminal justice system encourages prosecutors to get guilty verdicts by any means necessary—and to stand by even the most questionable convictions. Can one crusading court stop the lying and cheating?
March 29 2016 6:22 PMThe Reverse BartlebyA modest proposal for how Merrick Garland can outfox Republican obstructionists.
June 6 2016 4:39 PMThe Supreme Court Needs to Settle Birthright CitizenshipAn injustice in American Samoa shows how SCOTUS can end this controversy.
June 6 2016 10:12 AMWhen Muhammad Ali Took on AmericaWhat the boxer–turned–conscientious objector won in his Supreme Court fight over the Vietnam War, and what he lost.
May 26 2016 3:56 PMPeter Thiel Is Wrong About the First AmendmentBut that doesn’t mean he should be barred from financing Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit.
May 24 2016 6:22 PM“Our Textbooks Do Not Teach About Agenda 21”This person nearly controlled Texas education policy. That is terrifying. 
May 23 2016 3:05 PMFacebook’s Trending Topics Are None of the Senate’s BusinessWhat is Sen. John Thune doing trying to conduct oversight over the First Amendment?
May 19 2016 5:47 AMThe Supreme Court Is Not Doing Its JobDon’t let the elegant posturing of the eight justices fool you.
May 10 2016 5:48 PMNo News Is No NewsWhy it’s virtually impossible to cover Merrick Garland.
May 5 2016 4:04 PMThere’s No Separating the Death Penalty and RaceThe only way to get rid of racial bias in death penalty cases is to get rid of the death penalty.
April 28 2016 1:34 PMObama’s Iran-ContraThe president is spending money that Congress has explicitly told him he can’t spend.
April 25 2016 8:40 AMA Day With Ken HamThe Creation Museum is open to public school field trips, and the museum’s founder has some thoughts on separation of church and state.
April 21 2016 6:26 PMAmerica’s Cash Bail System Is a DisgraceLegendary music executive Jason Flom explains how to get rid of it.
April 16 2016 3:30 PMMore Than Immigration at the High CourtThe Supreme Court’s look at Obama’s executive action perfectly explains the Merrick Garland fight.
April 7 2016 6:27 PMChuck Grassley’s Supreme Court CoupThe Senate judiciary chairman just took a torch to the high court for the sake of partisanship.
March 30 2016 5:18 AMAlabama’s Death Penalty Needs to GoIn light of the Supreme Court’s ruling against judicial override in Florida, one state remains where judges alone can decide life or death.
March 24 2016 8:30 AMThe Top Five Supreme Court Nomination MythsIf you think the court hasn’t always been a political place, you’re wrong.