April 28 2016 1:34 PMObama’s Iran-ContraThe president is spending money that Congress has explicitly told him he can’t spend.
April 25 2016 8:40 AMA Day With Ken HamThe Creation Museum is open to public school field trips, and the museum’s founder has some thoughts on separation of church and state.
April 21 2016 6:26 PMAmerica’s Cash Bail System Is a DisgraceLegendary music executive Jason Flom explains how to get rid of it.
April 16 2016 3:30 PMMore Than Immigration at the High CourtThe Supreme Court’s look at Obama’s executive action perfectly explains the Merrick Garland fight.
April 7 2016 6:27 PMChuck Grassley’s Supreme Court CoupThe Senate judiciary chairman just took a torch to the high court for the sake of partisanship.
March 30 2016 5:18 AMAlabama’s Death Penalty Needs to GoIn light of the Supreme Court’s ruling against judicial override in Florida, one state remains where judges alone can decide life or death.
March 24 2016 8:30 AMThe Top Five Supreme Court Nomination MythsIf you think the court hasn’t always been a political place, you’re wrong.
March 22 2016 7:00 AMThe Real Danger of Guns in SchoolsGeorgia’s new campus-carry bill is a threat to the state’s higher-learning institutions, gun violence aside.
March 17 2016 2:33 PMIdeological ImbalanceWhy Democrats usually pick moderate-liberal justices and Republicans usually pick conservative ones.
March 17 2016 11:08 AMSupreme Court NihilismThe GOP’s treatment of Merrick Garland is disgraceful.
March 15 2016 6:05 PMIs Donald Trump Inciting Violence?He might be. If so, the First Amendment can’t save him.
March 8 2016 12:34 PMThe Conservative Era Is OverAntonin Scalia’s death has already changed the way the Supreme Court—and conservative litigants—do business.
March 2 2016 12:21 PMBefore Black Lives MatterVagrancy laws plagued black Americans for decades. Then the civil rights movement happened. 
March 1 2016 2:07 PMElena Kagan Is the Best Writer on the Supreme CourtHer dissent in Lockhart v. United States shows she’s also Antonin Scalia’s unlikely intellectual heir.
Feb. 26 2016 3:13 PMGrim MathCalculating the odds that another Supreme Court justice will die by 2021.
April 27 2016 5:15 AMRepeated ViolationsBYU is violating the spirit of Title IX, harming sexual assault survivors, and making rape more likely with its absurd honor code enforcement.
April 22 2016 6:04 PMJohn Roberts Under AttackThe chief justice continues to be blamed for Merrick Garland not getting a Senate hearing.
April 21 2016 3:28 PMLet Them WorkPrisoners need jobs while still in prison to break America’s epidemic of recidivism. 
April 14 2016 4:51 PMThe Contraception CompromiseReligious objectors may finally be backing down from their Obamacare challenge. Here’s why.
April 7 2016 5:45 AMFor ShameThe criminal justice system encourages prosecutors to get guilty verdicts by any means necessary—and to stand by even the most questionable convictions. Can one crusading court stop the lying and cheating?
March 29 2016 6:22 PMThe Reverse BartlebyA modest proposal for how Merrick Garland can outfox Republican obstructionists.
March 22 2016 8:05 PMZubik v. BurwellThe latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate could have wide-ranging impacts.
March 21 2016 5:55 PMPrivacy vs. PressThe Hulk Hogan case could force the Supreme Court to finally draw the line between press freedom and privacy. The press might not like it.
March 17 2016 1:56 PMMerrick Garland Would Shift the Court Decisively LeftwardIt’s why Republicans are vowing to block him.
March 16 2016 6:14 PMMerrick Garland Is Being Smeared as an Anti-Gun NutConservatives are trying to paint him as a warrior against the Second Amendment. They have no evidence for that whatsoever.
March 15 2016 5:07 PMBig-Government RepublicansThe GOP’s latest attempt to ban abortion shows the party’s limited government rhetoric is a fraud.
March 4 2016 12:30 PMClarence Thomas Finds His VoiceWhat made the justice finally speak up, and why now? 
March 1 2016 7:23 PMTexas’ Big LieThe laws it insists protect women’s health are actually anti-abortion. Will the Supreme Court see through the charade?
Feb. 26 2016 5:16 PMThe Case for Nominating Elizabeth Warren to the Supreme CourtThe time for temperate, modest, and self-abnegating wonks is next vacancy.
Feb. 26 2016 2:37 PMThe Chief Justice’s Biggest DecisionJohn Roberts can either moderate his views or let himself drift into irrelevance.