Sept. 5 2017 6:23 PMThe United States Cannot Be TrustedDreamers and transgender troops took the government at its word. Both groups got betrayed.
Sept. 5 2017 7:45 AMThe Murder That Won’t DieA new Netflix documentary aims to explain how false confessions happen—and raises new questions about D.C.’s most horrific killing.
Aug. 29 2017 6:32 PMJudging Neil GorsuchThe justice’s speech at the Trump Hotel isn’t unethical. He should skip it anyway.
Aug. 26 2017 5:17 PMTrump’s Pardon of Joe Arpaio Is an Impeachable OffenseThe president has the power to pardon, but he’s misused that power. The Constitution is clear.
Aug. 25 2017 5:48 PMConsequences in TexasThe GOP’s racist attack on minority voting rights might finally backfire.
Aug. 24 2017 6:15 PMYou Don’t Need a Gun to Peacefully ProtestIn the wake of Charlottesville, permits for rallies should contain an important caveat—no open-carry within the protest zone.
Aug. 23 2017 2:17 PMTrump’s Anti-Judge Playbook Originated With ArpaioOf course the president will pardon him—it’s just another way for him to signal his disdain for the rule of law.
Aug. 15 2017 5:50 PMWhite Nationalist Rule Is Already HereDonald Trump is considering pardoning Joe Arpaio for his illegal reign of racist terror.
Aug. 8 2017 6:43 PMLawyers Take on Another Trumpian Task: Stopping Science SuppressionFederal scientists fear retribution and data suppression. The lawyers are showing up to help here, too.
Aug. 7 2017 6:46 PMEveryone Is Biased (Except White People)Why Trump supporters’ claims that a D.C. grand jury will be biased against the president sound so familiar.
Aug. 4 2017 2:55 PMNo Free Speech for YouAnthony Kennedy has the chance to undo his worst anti–First Amendment decision. He should take it.
Aug. 3 2017 4:40 PMDoomed to FailJeff Sessions’ reactionary attack on affirmative action won’t succeed.
Aug. 2 2017 5:01 PMThe Clarence Thomas TakeoverThe justice has spent his career pushing a fringy, right-wing ideology. Now, he has an army of acolytes who can make his vision a reality.
July 31 2017 1:41 PMDo Courtroom Lawyers Make a Difference?A pair of judges debate the importance of attorneys.
July 28 2017 2:48 PMA Tweet Is a Direct OrderMilitary leaders who say the president’s social media posts aren’t policy are playing a dangerous game.
Sept. 5 2017 5:14 PMNo Pardoning This OffenseIf Trump tries to evade the Mueller investigation, states could bring these criminal charges.
Aug. 31 2017 4:52 PMNot Even Close to ConstitutionalWhy a judge blocked the most controversial provisions of Texas’ anti–sanctuary city bill.
Aug. 28 2017 6:28 PMThe GOP Wants DACA DeadHow Republicans are extorting Trump into deporting 800,000 young people.
Aug. 26 2017 3:26 PMThe Arpaio Pardon Is a Bad Sign for the Mueller InvestigationTrump has always wanted to stifle judicial oversight. Now he’s shown he will.
Aug. 25 2017 9:07 AMCharlottesville’s Monuments Are UnconstitutionalThe state law that has prevented city officials from removing the statues can be overruled—by the Constitution.
Aug. 24 2017 9:00 AMShould Judges Use Their Roles to Effect Social Change?A dialogue about whether “activist judges” are real.
Aug. 17 2017 4:55 PMDrowning Out the HateHow the local rabbi deals when the neo-Nazis come to town.
Aug. 14 2017 7:34 PMThe Guns WonCharlottesville showed that our First Amendment jurisprudence hasn’t reckoned with our Second Amendment reality.
Aug. 8 2017 5:15 PMThe Purges Are ComingJeff Sessions’ Justice Department just took a major stand against voting rights. It’s now up to the Supreme Court to protect the rolls.
Aug. 7 2017 10:26 AMSessions’ Marijuana Crackdown May Still Be ComingThe attorney general’s own experts recommend respecting states’ experiments with legalization. He’ll probably ignore them.
Aug. 3 2017 5:39 PMThe Shadow Civil Rights DivisionCareer Justice Department officials don’t want to do the bidding of Trump and Sessions. Enter the political appointees.
Aug. 2 2017 5:37 PMTrump Says the Russia Sanctions Bill Is UnconstitutionalHe’s mostly right.
Aug. 1 2017 10:15 AMLeaks on a PlatterWhy a war on “leakers” waged by the Sessions DOJ will have zero credibility.
July 30 2017 7:13 PMWhen Cops Join the ResistanceStatements from the Boy Scouts of America, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Suffolk County police suggest Trump’s closest allies have started to desert him.
July 27 2017 4:24 PMThe Obstruction of Justice Case Against Donald TrumpNo, not that one. This other one.