Aug. 24 2016 5:06 PMHow to Defeat CalhounThe legal strategy for forcing Yale to change the name of its racist-honoring residential college.
Aug. 22 2016 6:05 PMHelp Him Help YouThe best way for at-risk Republican senators to distance themselves from Donald Trump is to call for hearings for Merrick Garland.
Aug. 10 2016 2:38 PM“Second Amendment People” SolutionsTrump’s Clinton “joke” was no coincidence. The GOP espouses a right to bear arms whose logical conclusion is political assassination.
Aug. 1 2016 4:05 PMVoting Rights on the MarchLower courts are emboldened by a 4–4 split and the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling to strike down specious voting laws.
July 21 2016 4:19 PMJustices IgnoredThe Supreme Court is the most important issue of the election for Republicans. So they’re not talking about it.
July 19 2016 12:54 PMThe Real Reason Why Judges Should Keep Quiet About ElectionsThe restrictions remind judges to aspire to be apolitical.
July 16 2016 6:19 PMPunished for Being PoorThe Virginia scheme that suspends the driver’s license of anyone who can’t pay trivial fines.
July 13 2016 6:13 PMDeciphering JusticeThe subtext of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s improper attacks on Donald Trump.
July 8 2016 3:13 PMMore Guns, More Fear, More KillingsIt’s a vicious cycle, and there’s no end in sight.
July 7 2016 10:37 AM“No One Can Breathe in This Atmosphere”Everyone should read Justice Sonia Sotomayor on how police stops are life-and-death experiences for people of color.
June 27 2016 1:08 PMDiversity Is Not EquityThe Supreme Court’s Fisher decision is a victory for affirmative action. But has the war on resegregation already been lost?
June 20 2016 1:54 PMNazi Roots, EU Violations, and Mass ShootingsMeet the shady gun manufacturer whose rifle killed 49 people in Orlando.
June 13 2016 6:44 PMThe Second Amendment HoaxHow the NRA and conservatives have perverted the meaning of the right to bear arms.
June 9 2016 6:21 PMReal BiasLessons for Donald Trump from the Supreme Court’s latest judicial recusal ruling.
June 8 2016 4:15 PMJustice for NoneThe Stanford rape case demonstrates liberal hypocrisy on issues of basic fairness in the criminal justice system.
Aug. 23 2016 4:17 PMLeavenworth’s SpygateA private prison facility in Kansas was spying on constitutionally protected attorney-client conversations.
Aug. 15 2016 6:16 PMNo Justice for Sylville SmithHow the Supreme Court has failed victims of police brutality.
Aug. 1 2016 5:26 PMWill the Court Revisit Shelby County?It doesn’t seem likely the Supreme Court will overturn its disastrous Voting Rights Act ruling, even if there’s a new liberal on the bench.
July 26 2016 4:17 PMThe Ghosts of Shelby CountyDespite some recent wins, voting rights are still under siege.
July 21 2016 9:28 AMThe Voting Rights Act Might Get Some Teeth BackThanks to an appeals ruling, Texas’ discriminatory voting laws could end up under federal oversight.
July 18 2016 11:54 AMWhat It’s Like to Win a Landmark Abortion Rights Case at the Supreme CourtWhole Woman’s Health founder Amy Hagstrom Miller talks about the stigma surrounding unplanned pregnancy and abortion after Hellerstedt.
July 15 2016 4:25 PMThe RNC Will Be a First Amendment DisasterThe rights of protesters on both sides have not been protected.
July 12 2016 3:06 PMRBG Just Risked Her Legacy to Insult TrumpWhy she did it.
July 8 2016 12:07 PMThe Supreme Court’s Surprising, Tumultuous TermRead what Slate’s court watchers had to say about this session’s decisions on abortion, immigration, affirmative action, and more.
July 6 2016 6:07 PMHillary Clinton and the Espionage ActThe email scandal reveals everything that’s wrong with the outdated legislation used to prosecute spies and whistleblowers.
June 21 2016 6:24 PMDonald’s Gun GaffeHow Trump accidentally exposed the longtime NRA fantasy of “a good guy with a gun.”
June 14 2016 6:25 PMWords Matter to Donald TrumpUnless he’s the one speaking them.
June 13 2016 2:49 PMDon’t Tie Gun Control to the Terrorist Watch ListHillary Clinton and Barack Obama are wrong on this one.
June 9 2016 2:05 PMThe Supreme Court Deals a Blow to Puerto Rican SovereigntyAnd hints at an even bigger constitutional battle to come.
June 6 2016 4:39 PMThe Supreme Court Needs to Settle Birthright CitizenshipAn injustice in American Samoa shows how SCOTUS can end this controversy.