April 27 2017 7:19 PMTrump Can’t Win His Battle Against the JudgesTry as he might to change the rules, his protests only fuel the fire.
April 25 2017 6:05 PMSex and Hate in the Mountain StateThe West Virginia Supreme Court debates whether an anti-gay hate crime is really a hate crime.
April 24 2017 5:45 AMReality CheckAlex Jones’ trial isn’t legally significant. But it’s still culturally terrifying.
April 20 2017 7:00 AMHow Trump Will Dismantle Civil Rights Protections in AmericaThe same way Bush did: by politicizing the DOJ.
April 18 2017 7:47 PMNew Justice on the BlockGorsuch’s first-day performance was self-assured—and slightly irritating to his colleagues.
April 17 2017 7:08 AMNeil Gorsuch’s First Big TestWhich side will he come down on in an important religious liberty case?
April 7 2017 1:27 PMThere Will Never Be a “Mainstream” Supreme Court JusticeThe nuclear option won’t change that.
April 5 2017 1:47 PMA Thunderbolt From the 7th CircuitIn a landmark opinion, a bipartisan group of judges found that the Civil Rights Act prohibits anti-gay workplace discrimination.
April 5 2017 11:23 AMA Short History of Supreme Court Confirmation HearingsRead what Slate’s Amicus podcast asked legal scholar Lori Ringhand about the Senate’s role in approving judges.
April 4 2017 12:09 PMThe Nation’s Worst Anti-Gay Bill Goes on TrialA federal court scrutinizes Mississippi’s HB 1523, which protects the “religious freedom” of people discriminating against the LGBTQ community.
April 2 2017 8:04 PMA System Designed to Make People DisappearI tried to represent an undocumented man rounded up by ICE. I couldn’t even find him.
March 30 2017 5:12 PMHow to Fix the DOJ’s Civil Rights DivisionAccording to people who think voter intimidation against white people is one of the nation’s most pressing issues.
March 29 2017 12:41 PMDid the Trump Administration Really Try to Block Sally Yates From Testifying on Russia?The Washington Post’s scoop is suggestive but not quite conclusive.
March 28 2017 2:00 PMWere the Gorsuch Hearings As Pointless As They Seemed?Read what Slate’s Amicus podcast learned about President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.
March 24 2017 6:21 PMLocker Room Talk at the Capitol Hill Boys ClubNeil Gorsuch’s chummy, back-slapping Supreme Court confirmation hearings should’ve been held beside a keg.
April 26 2017 2:53 PMWeed-Whacking at the DOJCongress needs to stop Sessions from prosecuting growers in states where marijuana is legal.
April 24 2017 6:05 PMThe Empty WaistbandIn a biting dissent, Justice Sotomayor takes aim at the lie that lets police officers shoot unarmed men with impunity.
April 20 2017 7:10 PMJeff Sessions Thinks Hawaii’s Not a Real State. We Shouldn’t Be Surprised.But we must maintain our outrage.
April 19 2017 12:19 PMThe Playground of Liberty TranscriptRead what Slate’s Amicus podcast had to say about Trinity Lutheran v. Comer, an important church-state case at the Supreme Court.
April 17 2017 5:00 PMArkansas Should Not Be Allowed to Execute Prisoners for the Sake of ConvenienceThat their lethal injection supply is about to expire is the state’s problem, not the prisoners’.
April 8 2017 9:09 AMThe Supreme Court After the Nuclear OptionWill the quality of the justices go down now that the filibuster is gone?
April 6 2017 4:50 PMDid Trump Intentionally Incite Violence at a Campaign Rally?A federal court just sent a case suggesting he did to trial.
April 5 2017 11:49 AMJudging Jeff SessionsIf Donald Trump and the Department of Justice pull back from police reform, they’ll have to answer to the men and women on the federal bench.
April 4 2017 2:14 PMThe Reform Stops HereJeff Sessions just signaled that Obama-era efforts to fix the nation’s police departments could soon end.
April 3 2017 6:01 PMMerrick Garland Isn’t the Only Reason the Democrats Should Filibuster GorsuchThe judge’s treatment of female, minority senators should also give lawmakers pause.
March 31 2017 3:23 PMWhat Is Michael Flynn’s Game?Why is Trump’s former national security adviser seeking immunity?
March 29 2017 7:01 PMBad Law. Bad Prosecution. No Scandal.Why the pro-life activists who secretly recorded Planned Parenthood officials aren’t martyrs.
March 29 2017 12:36 PMAirless. Insular. Clubby. Smug.How the grossness of the Gorsuch hearings made the Supreme Court nominee vulnerable to organized resistance.
March 28 2017 10:55 AMShould Judges Consult Their Personal Moral Convictions?A dialogue on how to weigh the law and common sense on the bench.
March 24 2017 6:01 PMThe Democrats Must Filibuster Neil GorsuchPresident Obama’s senior aide Ronald Klain tells Dahlia Lithwick why it’s time for the Dems to take a stand.