April 17 2018 6:00 AMJeff Sessions, Collective PunisherAngry at Chicago, the attorney general cuts police aid for all.
April 16 2018 6:17 PMThe Shrinking of James ComeyHow publicly engaging with Donald Trump, especially on television, makes the former FBI director look small.
April 16 2018 12:30 PMIt’s Too Late for a New “Saturday Night Massacre”Going on a firing spree at this point can’t save Trump.
April 12 2018 3:45 PMNeil Gorsuch Votes Like ScaliaHe talks like Elena Kagan.
April 12 2018 10:30 AMWhy Judges Are Above the LawThe horrifying legacy of the Supreme Court’s Stump v. Sparkman ruling.
April 10 2018 7:35 PMThe First Couple of Trump’s AmericaClarence Thomas is moving closer to the right-wing fringe. His wife Ginni is already there.
April 9 2018 8:08 PMWhy Robert Mueller Handed Off the Michael Cohen RaidThe special counsel might be insulating his investigation against his own potential firing.
April 6 2018 2:30 PMNo, Everyone Didn’t Get the Pulse Massacre Story Completely WrongThe justice system’s mistreatment of Noor Salman has nothing to do with whether Omar Mateen was motivated by homophobia.
April 4 2018 2:41 PMHow to Build a Campaign Finance Case Against Donald Trump and Michael CohenLessons from the prosecutions of John Edwards and John Rowland.
April 3 2018 6:39 PMDemocrats Defend the BallotWashington state’s sweeping voting rights reforms should be a model for the entire country.
April 2 2018 7:11 PMThe Conservatives vs. Sonia SotomayorThe liberal justice has become a lonely voice fighting against the Supreme Court’s rightward turn.
March 31 2018 6:54 PMJudge Reinhardt Was a Tireless Defender of the PowerlessAs one of his clerks in my 20s, I saw his indefatigable commitment up close.
March 29 2018 2:12 PMNo, Justice Stevens, We Don’t Need to Repeal the Second AmendmentThe Constitution is simply not an obstacle to effective gun regulation. Politicians are.
March 29 2018 5:54 AMDefenselessTrump desperately needs a crack legal team. But his lawyers are no match for Mueller, and no sane attorney would join them now.
March 28 2018 5:56 PMHow to Pre-Empt a Constitutional CrisisCory Booker explains why a law is needed to protect Robert Mueller.
April 16 2018 11:42 PMLaughs. Gasps. And a Burn From the Bench.The most dramatic moments from inside Michael Cohen’s hearing Monday.
April 16 2018 3:21 PMThe Supreme Court Is Terrible at Hiring Diverse Law Clerks, but Neil Gorsuch Is Surprisingly Good at It
April 13 2018 3:48 PMHow an Anti-KKK Law Could Bring Down a Notorious Voter-Suppression Group
April 12 2018 10:58 AMSaying “I Won’t Torture” Isn’t EnoughWhat the Senate needs to ask Mike Pompeo about rendition and interrogation.
April 11 2018 11:35 AMNo, Trump Does Not Have the Power to Directly Fire Robert MuellerWhich is why it would be so hard for him to get rid of the special counsel.
April 10 2018 1:13 PMTrump’s Suggestion That “Attorney-Client Privilege Is Dead” Is HogwashThe DOJ had to overcome extreme hurdles to raid Michael Cohen’s home and office.
April 6 2018 4:26 PMSecret HandshakeThe depressing truth at the center of the O’Reilly and Trump settlement agreements.
April 5 2018 6:34 PMScott Lloyd Tells AllIn an alarming deposition, the director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement says forcing undocumented minors to carry unwanted pregnancies is in their “best interest.”
April 4 2018 11:58 AMNeil Gorsuch’s Legacy Is Already DevastatingHis nomination fight paved the way for a flood of hyperpartisan lower court judges.
April 3 2018 6:12 PMLet Me Do My JobMueller’s response to Manafort is a clear, powerful argument for why the special counsel’s work must continue.
April 2 2018 5:07 PMThe Supreme Court Could Take a Lesson From the Emoluments JudgeThe judiciary needs to stop using the “political thicket” as an excuse to shirk its judicial duties.
March 30 2018 11:06 AMJared Has Some Explaining to DoThe House Intelligence Committee’s findings contradict Kushner’s testimony on the infamous Trump Tower meeting.
March 29 2018 12:53 PMDangling a Pardon Could Be Obstruction of Justice—Even if the Pardon Power Is Absolute
March 28 2018 7:02 PMUndecided CourtThe justices appear no closer to solving partisan gerrymandering after yet another oral argument.
March 28 2018 5:55 AMScalia’s Legacy Is Stronger Than EverRather than fading since his death, it has only grown.