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Sept. 18 2018 10:00 AMA Killer Who Didn’t KillIn the U.S., you can get convicted of felony murder without taking someone’s life. Curtis Brooks’ case shows that needs to change.
Sept. 17 2018 2:44 PMChristine Blasey Ford’s Timing Isn’t SuspectIt doesn’t matter when assault victims speak up. People will always say they are too late.
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Sept. 26 2018 7:18 PMThe Federal Courts Are Ready to Dismantle RoeWhile the Senate fights over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, conservative judges prepare for him to strike down abortion rights.
Sept. 25 2018 6:00 PMHow Brett Kavanaugh Erases Inconvenient WomenHe is a champion of the women he knows personally. For the rest, he has no compunction about dismissing their very humanity.
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Sept. 14 2018 4:53 PMI Received Some of Kozinski’s Infamous Gag List Emails. I’m Baffled by Kavanaugh’s Responses to Questions About Them.Kavanaugh has said repeatedly that he does not remember whether he received inappropriate emails from the now-disgraced judge. Has he looked?
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