May 2 2018 5:59 PMWhat the Koch Brothers’ Money BuysInternal emails from George Mason University show how cash turns into special favors.
May 2 2018 11:15 AMWill the First Amendment Protect WikiLeaks?Assessing whether the Democratic National Committee has a case against Julian Assange for publishing its hacked emails.
May 1 2018 3:13 PMDon’t Cheer Too Loudly at Massachusetts’ Charter-School RulingIt protects public schools, but offers no help in improving them.
April 30 2018 7:18 PMTrump’s Fox & Friends Interview Was Even Worse Than It LookedHow the president may have incriminated himself during his latest TV appearance.
April 30 2018 6:15 PMNo Time to PretendThe courts and the press are putting themselves at risk by treating Donald Trump like a normal president.
April 27 2018 6:53 PMThe “Judicial Resistance” Didn’t Save DACAJeff Sessions’ ineptitude did.
April 26 2018 6:15 PMThe White House Refuses to Disavow Trump’s Muslim-Ban PromiseWhy did the solicitor general claim the opposite to the Supreme Court?
April 25 2018 6:40 PMJust Another Day in CourtThe Supreme Court treated Donald Trump’s travel ban like any other case. That’s a terrible sign.
April 24 2018 7:00 PMMeek Mill Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg in PhiladelphiaThe allegedly corrupt cops who helped put him behind bars did the same to many others.
April 24 2018 4:10 PMThe Muslim Ban Is WorkingIf the Supreme Court needs proof of the ban’s discriminatory intent, just look at the numbers.
April 23 2018 6:16 PMThe ERA Is BackThe ’70s-era constitutional amendment could be the perfect remedy for the #MeToo era.
April 19 2018 6:30 PMDon’t Ignore the Chaos and AnimusThe Supreme Court must consider the president’s motives as it weighs the legality of the Muslim ban.
April 19 2018 11:41 AMAdam Schiff’s Plan to Counter Trump’s Coy Little Pardon DanceThe House Democrat wants to shine a light on any pardons issued by the president in the Mueller and Cohen probes.
April 18 2018 3:51 PMSwift InjusticeWhy it’s a terrible idea to push immigration judges to close cases more quickly.
April 17 2018 5:22 PMNeil Gorsuch’s Long GameWhy the justice sided with the Supreme Court’s liberals to protect immigrants from deportation.
May 2 2018 3:54 PMThe Solicitor General Is Still Misleading the Supreme CourtEven after issuing a corrected statement, Noel Francisco’s description of Trump’s Muslim ban stance is wrong.
May 1 2018 4:49 PMTime’s Up for Harvey WeinsteinWhy Ashley Judd’s lawsuit against the film executive is such a brilliant gambit.
May 1 2018 3:03 PMWhat Mueller’s Questions Reveal About His InvestigationIt’s not just about obstruction.
April 30 2018 6:24 PMTrump’s War on Trans Americans Is About to Face a CounterattackThe administration is preparing to gut health care protections for transgender people, but civil rights advocates are ready.
April 28 2018 4:30 PMThere’s New Evidence Trump Obstructed Justice in the House Intelligence Committee’s Minority Report
April 27 2018 6:37 PMStare ScaliaRepublican senators’ obsession with Antonin Scalia is leading them to make sloppy mistakes.
April 26 2018 5:46 PMMimes in RobesTrump’s judicial nominees are now refusing to answer any questions about what it is they actually believe.
April 24 2018 7:53 PMDonald Trump’s Russia Trip Lies Might Prove ObstructionWhy would he mislead James Comey about the amount of time he spent in Moscow?
April 24 2018 5:44 PMTrump Judge Judges TrumpilyIn his first opinion, one of the president’s new appointees argued rich people have a constitutional right to buy elections.
April 24 2018 5:55 AMTrump’s Going to WinWhy the Supreme Court will probably uphold the president’s travel ban.
April 20 2018 8:07 PMMy Theory About the Number of Memos Comey Gave His Friend Was Wrong
April 19 2018 6:02 PMThe Humiliation of Kris KobachA judge’s contempt order exposes how he broke the law—then tried to throw his staffers under the bus.
April 18 2018 3:54 PMA Milestone for Ruth Bader GinsburgFor the first time ever, the justice had the honor of assigning a majority opinion for the Supreme Court.
April 18 2018 2:46 PMWe Must Protect Attorney-Client ConfidencesIt’s wrong to celebrate the fact that Sean Hannity’s name was revealed in open court.
April 17 2018 12:24 PMNo Pardon for You, Michael CohenWhy the state should amend its double jeopardy law to defend against corrupt Trump pardons.