Nov. 20 2018 5:25 PMTrump Is Losing His War Against the CourtsThe judiciary has continued to quietly deliver subtle, devastating blows to the president’s agenda.
Nov. 19 2018 5:15 PMNeil Gorsuch and Sonia Sotomayor Have Started Teaming Up to Protect Criminal Defendants
Nov. 16 2018 5:19 PMA Trump Judge! Ruled Against Trump! In the Acosta Case?!It’s sad that that’s surprising.
Nov. 15 2018 6:30 PMBush v. Gore Is BackIn a cosmic, cursed twist, this year’s Florida recount could hinge on the meaning of the most notorious Supreme Court decision of the 2000s.
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Nov. 6 2018 12:35 PMTrump’s Plan to End Birthright Citizenship Has Been Tried Elsewhere. The Human Rights Abuses Were Horrific.
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Nov. 18 2018 6:57 PMWhy Democrats Should Not Call the Georgia Governor’s Race “Stolen”There are three important reasons to cool this rhetoric, despite Brian Kemp’s odious voter suppression efforts.
Nov. 15 2018 9:10 PMJeff Flake, the King of the Empty Gesture, Just Took a Stand Against Trump That Actually MattersIt sure is tempting to ignore him forever, but this time, he’s not alone.
Nov. 14 2018 7:36 PMTrump’s Appointment of Matthew Whitaker Is Almost Exactly Like One of Nixon’s Most Brazen Acts—Just Worse
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Nov. 14 2018 8:30 AMPhilly Police Officers Are Saving Lives by Taking Shooting Victims to the Hospital Without Waiting for Paramedics
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