June 30 2017 1:44 PMTexas Messes With Marriage EqualityThe state Supreme Court’s refusal to extend state spousal benefits to same-sex couples is an insidious attempt to defy Obergefell v. Hodges.
June 27 2017 7:18 PMHow Trump Can Get His Muslim BanThe administration can use the Supreme Court’s ruling to shield its decision-making from judicial review.
June 26 2017 5:33 PMSCOTUS Splits the Travel Ban BabyThe Supreme Court’s ruling doesn’t make much sense as a matter of law. That may be good for Donald Trump.
June 22 2017 1:49 PMThe “Pity if Something Happened to the FBI” TranscriptRead what Amicus had to say about Comey’s testimony and the legal weight of Trump’s tweets.
June 21 2017 1:24 PMClarence Thomas to the Rescue?In an otherwise awful civil rights decision, the arch-conservative signals his interest in opening the courthouse doors to more victims of state violence.
June 20 2017 5:44 PMIs Michael Flynn Cooperating With the FBI?Two Democratic senators think so. How sound is their case?
June 19 2017 5:13 PMDoes Partisan Gerrymandering Violate the First Amendment?A pair of Supreme Court decisions about freedom of speech strengthen the plaintiffs’ argument in a blockbuster redistricting case.
June 16 2017 7:21 PMWhat Does Trump Want From Rosenstein?A good faith effort to understand the purpose of Trump’s angry tweet.
June 15 2017 7:01 PMMueller Is Coming for TrumpThe special counsel’s expanding probe will reveal loads of dirt from the president’s financial past—making the temptation to fire him even greater.
June 14 2017 6:48 PMDonald Trump Is Now Facing Three Emoluments LawsuitsWill any of them succeed?
June 13 2017 3:38 PMTrump May Never Fire Robert MuellerNevertheless, the president has taught us that potentially illegal actions are still possible, so long as he wants them to happen.
June 13 2017 10:50 AMJeff Sessions’ Job InterviewThe attorney general will have one goal when he testifies before the Senate: Please the boss.
June 9 2017 5:53 PMDid Donald Trump Just Defame James Comey?He might have. But the remedy is unclear.
June 7 2017 10:43 PMWhen the Nazis Come Marching InI never feared the First Amendment until white supremacists came to my hometown.
June 7 2017 1:33 PMThe Animus Amicus TranscriptRead what Slate’s Amicus podcast had to say about International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump.
June 30 2017 12:59 PMTrump’s Voter Fraud EndgameHis “election integrity” investigation is a pretext to repeal the National Voter Registration Act. It won’t work.
June 27 2017 5:53 PMGoodbye, Establishment ClauseThe Supreme Court’s ruling in Trinity Lutheran v. Comer threatens to obliterate the divide between church and state.
June 26 2017 5:56 AM“The Most Important Unknown Person in D.C.”As the Russia investigation deepens, Scott Schools has become the conscience of the DOJ.
June 22 2017 5:54 AMMake This Obstruction Thing Go AwayTrump has always treated lawyers like hired help. As president, he’s finally found attorneys who refuse to do his bidding.
June 20 2017 6:41 PMWho Is Jay Sekulow, and Why Is He Defending Donald Trump?How the religious right’s go-to lawyer became the president’s newest surrogate.
June 20 2017 10:00 AMWhere Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Is FailingThese maps show how sanctuary cities are winning against federal authorities.
June 19 2017 5:13 PMDodging InsanityThe Supreme Court doesn’t know how the justice system should deal with mental illness.
June 15 2017 7:42 PMPolemicists in RobesThe president’s latest batch of bomb-throwing judicial nominees will transform the federal bench for generations to come.
June 15 2017 7:00 AMCan Cops Use Force With Impunity When They’ve Created an Unsafe Situation?A recent Supreme Court decision suggests they can. That’s bad for the public and for police.
June 13 2017 8:56 PMSessions Sticks to His FictionWhy the attorney general is still lying about James Comey's firing.
June 13 2017 12:54 PMRuth Bader Ginsburg Affirms the “Equal Dignity” of Mothers and FathersHer landmark decision in Sessions v. Morales-Santana bolsters constitutional protections against sex discrimination—but leaves Morales-Santana himself out in the cold.
June 12 2017 6:36 PMTrump’s Tweets Must Now Be Taken SeriouslyThe 9th Circuit’s travel ban ruling declares the president’s Twitter feed is a legally binding stream of consciousness.
June 9 2017 5:36 PMTrump Hands Comey a New WeaponHaving accused the former FBI director of perjury, the president now must prove it—or surrender his credibility.
June 7 2017 5:55 PMThe Trump Voter Fraud Agenda Is HereA law in New Hampshire is the first sign of a new era of voter suppression.
June 6 2017 1:58 PMTrump’s “War on Leakers” Isn’t Really About LeakersThe president cares more about loyalty than threats to national security.