Jan. 31 2017 11:40 PMNeil Gorsuch Is Nothing Like Donald TrumpHe’s principled, dexterous, and eloquent.
Jan. 31 2017 10:14 PMNeil Gorsuch Is Not a VillainDonald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee is a rock-ribbed conservative who’s difficult to oppose on jurisprudential grounds.
Jan. 31 2017 2:07 PMSeat MerrickTrump’s nominee shouldn’t get a hearing until Merrick Garland is seated.
Jan. 31 2017 10:12 AMFederalist CourtHow the Federalist Society became the de facto selector of Republican Supreme Court justices.
Jan. 30 2017 9:28 PMCrisis ModeWhat happens if Donald Trump refuses a federal court order.
Jan. 30 2017 4:35 PMCongress Must ActIt’s time for the legislative branch to stand up to Trump’s Muslim ban.
Jan. 29 2017 2:24 PMThe Travelers Trapped in Horrific Limbo by Trump’s Immigration OrderJudicial stays couldn’t protect everyone detained at U.S. airports.
Jan. 28 2017 10:58 PMThe Lawyers Showed UpAnd because we still live in a country where the law matters, they won.
Jan. 25 2017 6:43 PMDonald Trump Declares War on MuslimsThe president’s executive orders reveal his intent to fulfill his horrifying campaign promises.
Jan. 25 2017 11:31 AMTrump’s Voting Investigation Is a Great IdeaAs long as it looks like this.
Jan. 23 2017 5:23 PMIs Texas About to Execute an Innocent Man?Terry Edwards’ murder conviction is irrevocably flawed.
Jan. 18 2017 12:51 PMHow Trump Will Reshape the Supreme CourtRead what Slate’s Amicus podcast asked one of Justice Scalia’s former law clerks about Trump’s shortlist.
Jan. 13 2017 5:54 PMJason Chaffetz Doesn’t Care About EthicsThe Republican in charge of government oversight wants to prohibit criticism of Trump’s ethical violations.
Jan. 13 2017 12:46 PMTime for Some Negotiation TheoryHow the Democrats can play hardball with Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.
Jan. 10 2017 9:05 PMTrue LiesThere was one moment in Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing that revealed why so many are so terrified of him.
Jan. 31 2017 10:59 PMTrump’s Supreme Court Reality Show Was Not a DistractionIt was a capstone to a yearlong campaign to degrade the law and the Constitution.
Jan. 31 2017 6:51 PMHubris, Distrust, DisorderWhy the Trump administration keeps screwing up.
Jan. 31 2017 10:37 AMTrump’s Racist Voter-Fraud VigilantesThe group Trump is counting on to “analyze” his voter fraud claims has been trying to disenfranchise black voters for years.
Jan. 30 2017 10:18 PM“We Can’t Discuss That”At Dulles Airport, Trump’s Customs and Border Protection officers are accountable to no one.
Jan. 30 2017 4:55 PMClear ViolationAll the many ways Trump’s Muslim ban goes against the Constitution.
Jan. 29 2017 4:03 PMIt’s UnconstitutionalTrump’s executive order is an unlawful attack on Muslims that must be struck down in its entirety.
Jan. 29 2017 10:53 AMThe Judicial Branch Grabs BackFour female judges were the heroes of the fight against Trump’s executive order.
Jan. 25 2017 7:34 PMThe One SCOTUS Nominee Democrats Should Stop at Any CostWilliam Pryor has no place on the Supreme Court.
Jan. 25 2017 2:27 PMDonald Trump’s Vote Fraud Investigation Will Finish What the GOP StartedThe president’s bogus claims will give Republicans the cover they need to ramp up voter suppression nationwide.
Jan. 24 2017 12:32 PMSee You in Court, Mr. PresidentThe emoluments lawsuit against Donald Trump is an audacious gamble.
Jan. 20 2017 3:51 PMTrump Lays Down His LawIn a terrifying speech, the new president made clear that freedom and justice are not his concern.
Jan. 13 2017 7:00 PMBuyer BewareDonald Trump’s high-profile apparent merger meetings are a major cause for alarm.
Jan. 13 2017 12:54 PMRed Justice in a Blue StateOregon has one of the worst criminal justice systems in the country. These prosecutors are largely to blame.
Jan. 11 2017 9:29 PMWhat Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Understand About RacismIt didn’t end on the Edmund Pettus Bridge.
Jan. 9 2017 6:46 PMDeath to the GerrymanderHow Paul Smith might defeat unconstitutional redistricting once and for all.