Iraq's Progress
Iraq's Progress

Iraq: The Computer Game

What "virtual world" games can teach the real world about reconstructing Iraq.

May 9 2003 1:32 PMCan't the Iraqis All Just Get Along?Well … no. So here are seven ways to reduce ethnic and religious tension before they start killing each other.
May 2 2003 4:11 PMIraq's Civil WarBuilding civil society in Iraq is even more important than building democracy. Here are six new ways to do it.
April 25 2003 10:47 AMDemocracy—Faster, Better, SmarterThe seven best new ideas for introducing representative government to Iraq.
May 7 2003 1:06 PMAn Alan Greenspan for Iraq… And six other ideas for fixing Iraq's economy.
April 30 2003 12:54 PMLaw and Order: Special Iraq UnitSix new ideas for bringing real security to Iraq.
April 22 2003 2:35 PMSmarter Bombs, Smarter Democracy?The best new ideas for rebuilding Iraq. An introduction to a Slate series.