Aziz Ansari interview: The 30 Minutes or Less star talks slim-cut suits, Twitter, and Tom Haverford's future.

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Aug. 12 2011 11:28 AM

Questions for Aziz Ansari

The 30 Minutes or Less star talks slim-cut suits, Twitter, and Tom Haverford's future.

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Ansari: I mainly just shop at OshKosh B'Gosh for men. The stuff's really small, but it works out well.

Slate: Do they make it bigger for you? Do they have a special tailor come in and stretch it out?

Ansari: There is an OshKosh B'Gosh for men. It's just Gosh Kosh, and they have a tailor that makes it really big. Big enough to fit me. Actually, I like the brand Band of Outsiders. Their suits are cut really slim, for smaller framed gentlemen. You know, most clothes are made for dudes who look like Chris Pratt, who plays Andy on our show, like huge dudes. I'm not that big, so when stuff's cut slimmer for smaller guys it helps.

Slate: What's going to happen for Tom Haverford in Season 4? Are he and Jean-Ralphio going to become Pawnee's biggest impresarios?

Ansari: Pretty much. The season starts off with me running this business, Entertainment 720. And I posted a photo on my website of how he dresses now. His swagger has gone up like 2,000 percent. His whole thing is he wants to be like Russell Simmons or someone like that. And now he's basically done that, so what happens when that guy achieves his dream, and what happens when it starts falling apart.


Slate: So he'll end up back at his old gig eventually?

Ansari: I don't think they're running the company very wisely. If you saw at the end of the season last year, it didn't seem like they were laying the groundwork for a company that would become a long-term thing.

Slate: There's so much great fan art out there about Parks and Recreation's characters. What about the show inspires these creations?

Ansari: I don't know but it's so flattering. All that stuff eventually gets to us through Twitter. All of us on the show are so appreciative of all the people who put the time in to make that stuff.

Slate: Finally, what's the best thing you saw on the Internet this week?