Steve Coogan interview: The Trip actor talks about playing himself and his disdain for impressions.

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June 3 2011 4:34 PM

Questions for Steve Coogan

The star of The Trip talks about the difficulties of playing himself, his disdain for impressions, and his love of a talking-dog video.

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CooganThat talking dog. Have you seen that talking dog? It's very funny. It's really stupid but it makes me laugh. It's just a dog, and they've dubbed on the owner—it's American—the owner teases the dog about all the treats that he's had out of the fridge and how he's eaten them all and he's not going to give them to the dog, and it has the dog talking back to him. It's really hard to describe but that made me laugh a lot. It's not particularly sophisticated, which contradicts everything I've just said about my life.

Slate: The American audience already thinks you're sophisticated, so you don't have prove anything to us.

Coogan: That's good. It's unsophisticated, but refreshingly unsophisticated and funny.


Interview and audio have been condensed and edited.

Clarification, June 9, 2011: This article originally stated that Steve breaks up with his girlfriend before the trip. The movie doesn't make clear the exact status of their relationship when he leaves.


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