Topher Grace interview: The Too Big To Fail star talks about living back home with mom and dad, and finally joining Facebook.

Topher Grace interview: The Too Big To Fail star talks about living back home with mom and dad, and…

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May 20 2011 2:02 PM

Questions for Topher Grace

The Too Big To Fail star talks about living back home with mom and dad, and finally joining Facebook.

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Slate: Are you going to regress completely, just going to be in pajamas on your parents couch?

Grace: Yes! I hope so. My mom says—jokingly—she's going to drive me in the morning like she did in middle school. Like, Mom, Robert's making fun of you dropping me off! You've got to drop me off a block before!  But it's a really great gypsy lifestyle, acting, where you get to change it up all the time. I really loved when I started doing '70s Show though I had never acted before, so it was a great training ground being on a sitcom. You have a live audience, but it's kind of filmic. And when you stink—which I did, frequently at the beginning—I literally never acted before the audition professionally. You get to come back the next week and get better. Then you get months off during the summer to go try stuff. So I played a crack head.

Slate: You had never really acted before That '70s Show. Was it weird to go from a typical college experience to being recognizably famous in such a short span of time?


Grace: It is strange when you're a loser in college, which I was, to then get your own show. It was weird for all of us. We're all still friends, we're all texting each other about everyone's new TV show. We all went through it together, and I really didn't know at the time how important that was. I can't imagine the other way, which is you're doing it alone, figuring it all out alone. I was talking to Wilmer this morning. I just saw this thing on, about Awake, his show. It's like a straight-up drama, he plays a cop, it looks so good. And Ashton [Kutcher]'s going to kill it on Two and a Half Men. And Laura playing Chelsea Handler? It's inspired.

Slate: That segues nicely to my last question—best thing you've seen on the Internet this week

Grace: Gotta throw Laura's trailer up there, and the Awake trailer up there. Legitimately, even if Wilmer weren't in it, it looks like a really great show. I also love Funny or Die!.

What else? I'm pretty bad. But I only got on Facebook,—literally, literally!—three days ago. I was staying at a friend's house in New York, and he had what can only be described as an intervention to get me more onto my computer, and more connected.  I really heard what he was saying, and I thought, alright, I'll give this a shot. And now I've gone down the rabbit hole. I get that movie finally.

Slate: The Social Network? Were there a lot of references you didn't understand?

Grace: Yeah … no I thought it was a fantastic movie anyway. I'm slow. I'm what's called a late adopter.

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