Casey Wilson interview: The actress talks about the Happy Endings season finale, Bride Wars, and mean Internet commenters.
Casey Wilson interview: The actress talks about the Happy Endings season finale, Bride Wars, and mean Internet commenters.
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May 25 2011 12:52 PM

Questions for Casey Wilson

The Happy Endings actress talks about writing movies, evil Internet comments, and why The Real Housewives is like a Greek tragedy.

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Wilson: There's seven of us girls who are all comedians in L.A., and we watch [The Real Housewives] together every Thursday and we drink and have a ball. And then one day I was thinking: How can we turn this into something artistic? The amount of time we spend on these Housewives? And we just thought it would be hilarious to transcribe the scenes word-for-word like it was a text or a real play. We do every city. We pick the three to four funniest scenes that we remember the most and are just weird. Everyone plays four to five parts. I play Teresa with the table flipping, I play Kelly from New York on scary island. I play Michaele Salahi from D.C. Everyone says there's no parts for women—we were laughing so hard—if everyone just took on the Housewives parts, they're the most histrionic parts women could play. Each part is like Medea. * Every person is getting a tour de force. It's all poignant.

P.S., I gotta tell you this. They're doing a Housewives episode on Happy Endings next season, where Jane, spoiler alert, decides to audition for the Real Housewives of Chicago, and I (Penny) become her stage mom/coach, coaching her through the auditions.

Slate: Speaking of Real Housewives of D.C., I saw you recently played Callista Gingrich in a Funny or Die video. I know you grew up near D.C. Are you into politics?

Wilson: That just happened because my friend wrote the sketch and called me and asked me to be in it. My dad was horrified because he's a Republican. My dad was like, That would be like if I went online and did a video bashing Judd Apatow. No, he was kidding. My dad's cool. He is socially liberal. But, yeah, I'm into politics to some degree. I went on the road with Hillary Rodham Clinton when she was out campaigning.

Slate: You did another video for Funny or Die where you read comments from users on your IMDB page. Were those comments real?


Wilson: Oh yes, unfortunately. I got kind of burned on SNL, so I haven't googled anything about myself for Happy Endings. I can't. It's sprit crushing. [Fellow SNL castmate] Kristen Wiig said this to me: Everything could be positive, but the one negative thing is what you're going to remember, so you can't win. And it's too painful. Of course I want to know, but I know I'm going to be sad.

Slate: Finally, what's the best thing you've seen on the Internet this week?

Wilson: The best thing I saw on the Internet this week was my friend John posted a picture on his Facebook wall, from when he was in high school. He was a Goth kid and dressed as a vampire. He's wearing a cape, and he was one of those kids you would be scared of him if you saw them. His hair looks insane, and [he had given himself] a vampire name: Louis D. Vampire. He looks like one of those kids who's going to shoot up the school. Meanwhile now he's the most lovely, cool, normal guy. His best friend, who was also in the photograph, went by the name of Fetus.

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Correction, May 25, 2011: In the original version of this article Medea was misspelled. (Return to the corrected sentence.)