Sarah Silverman, comedian.

Sarah Silverman, comedian.

Sarah Silverman, comedian.

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Nov. 10 2005 12:06 PM

Sarah Silverman

The comedian discusses her religion, Zoloft, and a plan for an unusual softball league.

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Slate: What's your biggest insecurity?

Silverman: This is so totally not unique. My thighs. Isn't that the most un-unique thing you've ever heard a woman say? My fucking thighs! They're not what they were when I was 19. They look all right, but you should see them in person. They're, like, covered in some sort of cottage cheese oatmeal-type stuff.


Slate: One of the criticisms that's leveled at your work is that it hasn't changed much over the past few years, that with a few small exceptions, you've been recycling the same material.

Silverman: I've been doing this show, Jesus Is Magic, and honing it. It has new material and I throw away older stuff. But it's a show and this is the movie of it. I'm doing like 10 20-minute spots in town now. I write new material and then sandwich it in old material that works. When the new stuff gets strong enough, I shed the old material. That's the way stand-up is. I may not be as prolific as Margaret Cho, with a new concert movie every year, but that's OK with me. If it's OK with you, that's good, but if it's not, whatever.

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