Sarah Silverman, comedian.

Sarah Silverman, comedian.

Sarah Silverman, comedian.

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Nov. 10 2005 12:06 PM

Sarah Silverman

The comedian discusses her religion, Zoloft, and a plan for an unusual softball league.

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Silverman: When we have a night alone, like a Saturday night with no kids, we'll go to this restaurant we really like and sit at the bar and play Scrabble on our phones. We have two games going, so we can go back and forth. There's constant action.

Slate: You don't get confused between the two games?


Silverman: There's never any confusion about who's winning.

Slate: So, who wins more?

Silverman: I really want to say me, but he wins more. The motherfucker.

Slate: Do you go out with his kids, too? 

Silverman: I'm not "going out" with his kids. We're not dating. When we go out with the kids, we play games. We play 20 Questions, which is one of my favorites. It transcends all ages. But you have to make sure it's somebody everyone knows. Like people in the family or people they love from TV or movies.

Slate: Have they seen your new movie?

Silverman: No. They're not allowed. I'd let them because I have no boundaries. But Jimmy's a good dad.

Slate: Do you and Jimmy test out material on each other? Did he have any hand in your movie?

Silverman: Oh yeah. Definitely. He's on ABC, so he'll come up with jokes that he couldn't possibly use. And if it's something I think I can use, I will absolutely take it. I don't feel like it's going to give me some kind of identity crisis.