Middle East papers on the Lebanon conflict.
Middle East papers on the Lebanon conflict.
What the foreign papers are saying.
July 14 2006 5:39 PM


What's in the Middle East's English-language papers.

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For more "Zionist" conspiracy paranoia, choke down this editorial in Qatar's Gulf Times. You'll learn that Israel really doesn't want peace: "Just when the Zionists' plan for speeding up grabbing the choicest morsels, leaving scraps for the Palestinians, on the pretext that they have no peace partners was all but collapsed as President Abbas and Hamas agreed on a reconciliation plan that implicitly recognised the Israeli right to exist as a state, the Zionists found the perfect excuse to make sure there never will be partners for peace."

An editorial in the Saudi Arab News criticizes "Israeli military aggression" and also takes the opportunity to lash out at President George W. Bush, concluding, "After all hasn't the war on terror been the defining issue of the two-term Bush presidency? A president as short-sighted and ill-informed as this one is not about to learn from his grievous errors, partly no doubt because the greatest human price is being paid in Arab blood and tears."

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