The Canadian press welcomes a new leader.
The Canadian press welcomes a new leader.
What the foreign papers are saying.
Jan. 25 2006 3:45 PM

Go, Canada

The Canadian press welcomes a new leader.

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Voters obviously gave the Conservatives a green light to deliver revitalized and cleaner government. At best, they gave a flashing amber light to Harper's small-c conservative taxing and spending priorities. But the voters have sent a red "no go" to radical political or social change. ( Toronto Star)

Canadian voters took a long look at the models on display. They kicked the tires and read the warranty information. They thought about all the features and talked it over with their families and friends. But when it came time to seal the deal they couldn't quite bring themselves to buy. At least not right now. Instead, they signed up for the equivalent of a short term lease, although how short remains to be seen. ( Ottawa Sun)

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