Britain's prisoner abuse scandal.

Britain's prisoner abuse scandal.

Britain's prisoner abuse scandal.

What the foreign papers are saying.
Jan. 20 2005 6:01 PM

"Gentleman Occupiers" No More

The international press looks at Britain's Abu Ghraib-style prisoner abuse scandal.

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And the Independent suggests the Brits have little to be proud of vis-à-vis the Americans: "In Britain, there may never have been an investigation of Iraqi prisoner abuse that led to the court martial of four British soldiers in Germany this week had it not been for the action of an alert photo shop assistant." (The abuse came to light when a soldier took his mementos to be developed back home in Staffordshire, England. The shop assistant promptly called the cops.)

Moreover, a comment in the Guardian attempts to dispel the "bad apples" theory: "In fact there is clear evidence of systematic abuse," writes a public interest lawyer petitioning the government to investigate other incidents.

Scott MacMillan is a freelance journalist who lives in Cairo.