International Papers
International Papers

Fight Club

The international press smells blood in the Democratic primaries.

Feb. 6 2008 3:10 PMAmerican Idols, International EditionForeign press fails to make fun of U.S. election system shocker!
Nov. 9 2006 8:36 AMNext!The international press realizes it won't have Bush to kick around for much longer.
June 9 2006 5:48 PMThe "Lion" Sleeps TonightThe world's press bids farewell to Zarqawi.
March 29 2006 4:33 PMOlmert MacherThe international media sort through the Israeli election results.
Feb. 3 2006 4:57 PMSomething's Rotten in the State of DenmarkWhat do Arab journalists think of the Islamic cartoon scandal?
Jan. 25 2006 3:45 PMGo, CanadaThe Canadian press welcomes a new leader.
Dec. 16 2005 5:26 PMTurnout!The international press looks at the Iraqi elections.
Nov. 7 2005 6:44 PMLiberté, Égalité, StupiditéWhy can't the French government stop the rioting?
July 8 2005 12:34 PMThe Morning AfterFrom the Times' "revulsion and resolve" to the Sun's call for internment camps.
April 7 2005 2:37 PMTake Her To Be Your Wife, Please!Neither Rainier, nor snow, nor tabloid gate-crashers will halt the royal wedding.
Jan. 24 2005 12:50 PMRunning Into the Sand?As Bush's second term begins, the world press asks, "Is Iran next?"
Jan. 17 2005 12:37 PMOff-the-Books Accountability?The international press looks at Bush II, Abbas I, and Kuwait.
Jan. 10 2005 1:21 PM"Great White Hope"?World papers ask if Mahmoud Abbas can deliver the goods.
Jan. 5 2005 2:07 PMGlobal Dis-easeThe international press looks at U.S.-Syrian tension, Iraq's election, and new danger for Asia's tsunami survivors.
Dec. 22 2004 2:38 PMAttack and ReleaseThe good and bad news out of Iraq.
Dec. 6 2006 12:06 PMTrouble in ParadiseThe international press watches Fiji's slow-motion coup.
July 14 2006 5:39 PMHellbollahWhat's in the Middle East's English-language papers.
April 12 2006 5:56 PMArrivederci Berlusconi?The world press looks at Italy's contested election results.
March 14 2006 5:02 PMHero, Victim, Schemer, StoogeThe press takes a final look at Slobodan Milosevic.
Jan. 27 2006 6:32 PMFatah No Más, Hola HamasThe international press analyzes the Palestinian elections.
Jan. 6 2006 5:54 PMChronicle of a Legacy ForetoldThe international press on Ariel Sharon.
Nov. 11 2005 4:06 PMKing Abdullah's DilemmaOne of Jordan's native sons strikes back.
Aug. 17 2005 12:01 PMLeaving GazaThe Middle East press looks at Israel's withdrawal.
May 31 2005 12:00 PMAprès NonFrench papers bemoan the EU vote, and newsstand vendors go on strike.
Jan. 31 2005 12:17 PMMillions ServedThe international press looks at Iraq's election.
Jan. 20 2005 6:01 PM"Gentleman Occupiers" No MoreThe international press looks at Britain's Abu Ghraib-style prisoner abuse scandal.
Jan. 14 2005 1:57 PMA Royal FührerPrince Harry dresses up like a Nazi. Discuss.
Jan. 6 2005 1:56 PMDoes Size Matter?The international press comments as tsunami relief grows competitive.
Dec. 27 2004 12:21 PMHuman ScaleThe world press finds local angles to Sunday's tsunami disaster.
Dec. 16 2004 11:55 PMBye Bye, BlunkettThe British press sees off an extraordinary yet tragic minister.