International Papers
International Papers
Dec. 14 2004 12:37 PMThe Bash-a-Burglar LawA British bill could give homeowners more latitude in fighting intruders.
Dec. 6 2004 12:16 PMUndiplomatic ImpunityThe international press looks at the attack on the U.S. consulate in Jeddah, Iraqi elections, and Teflon Don.
Nov. 29 2004 1:19 PMUkrainian HeatAfter a disputed election, voters take to the streets—and the country faces a meltdown.
Nov. 18 2004 12:52 PMPowell OutageThe world bids farewell to the secretary of state.
Nov. 8 2004 2:00 PMSuha's ScreamArafat's wife cries conspiracy, and the international press follows the money.
Nov. 4 2004 8:07 PMBrits to America: You're Idiots!Well, 51 percent of you, anyway.
Nov. 3 2004 7:19 PMBlame It on the GuardianThe international press contemplates four more years of Bush.
Oct. 25 2004 6:03 PMSilent as the GhraibIvan Frederick's prison-abuse sentence elicits a shrug in the Arab press.
Oct. 18 2004 12:37 PMOutsourcing the VoteWho the world wants to elect president on Nov. 2.
Oct. 11 2004 4:04 PMReeve, R.I.P.The international press looks at three prominent deaths.
Oct. 4 2004 1:41 PMAll Tony, All the TimeThe British press reflects on Prime Minister Tony Blair's busy week.
Sept. 27 2004 2:13 PMAnatomy of an AssassinationThe Middle Eastern press looks at a death on a road to Damascus.
Sept. 20 2004 3:56 PMMade in TehranIs the world getting serious about the Iranian nuclear threat?
Sept. 13 2004 12:22 PMNaughty NaughtieThe international press deconstructs Colin Powell's foul language.
Sept. 7 2004 11:38 AMEverywhere and NowhereThe international press looks for answers in the aftermath of Beslan.
Dec. 9 2004 5:19 PMElection Pain Yields New Ukraine"Orange Revolution" spurs constitutional reforms.
Dec. 2 2004 12:00 PMChains of CommandWill Palestinians elect a jailbird president?
Nov. 22 2004 4:23 PMConference CallIs the international meeting on Iraq a waste of time?
Nov. 11 2004 4:25 PMHolland in FlamesReligious violence and terror arrests stun the Netherlands in the aftermath of filmmaker Theo van Gogh's murder.
Nov. 5 2004 11:21 AMAu Revoir, Arafat?Imagining a world without Yasser.
Nov. 4 2004 2:41 PM"Holding Our Collective Breath"Arab papers react to the U.S. election.
Oct. 28 2004 4:29 PMAnother Day, Another EU CrisisThe European Parliament takes on the European Commission—and wins.
Oct. 21 2004 3:40 PMThe Case of the Menacing MustacheIndian police kill the country's most notorious criminal.
Oct. 14 2004 6:09 PMTesting Turkish JusticeThe "Caliph of Cologne" is sent home to stand trial.
Oct. 7 2004 2:34 PMTurks at the GatesWill the European Union allow Turkey to join?
Sept. 30 2004 3:17 PMTalking TurkeyWill the European Union ever let a Muslim nation join their club?
Sept. 23 2004 4:12 PMBambang's Peaceful VictoryIndonesians elect their first president.
Sept. 16 2004 2:40 PMPutin's Power PlayHas the Russian president quashed democracy in the name of homeland security?
Sept. 9 2004 2:35 PMPresident of the WorldKerry's won the international vote, but can he win here?
Sept. 2 2004 2:59 PMTerror Goes to SchoolThe international press reacts to two hostage crises.