The great iPad debate: Readers respond to "I Hate My iPad."
The great iPad debate: Readers respond to "I Hate My iPad."
Conversations in real time.
Feb. 24 2011 11:37 AM

You Hate Your iPads, Too

Well, some of you do anyway. Slate readers debate the virtues of Apple's tablet.

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Has either side convinced you? I'm afraid I'm still in the con camp, and trying to find a way to cut my losses. Several commenters offered to take my iPad off my hands—one even offered me $100 for it—but the best advice for what to do with my unloved tablet came from a reader who contacted me via e-mail. He writes:


First recognize who you are [and] what you are doing to yourself.

Give all your electronic devices to a local school then walk into a local library and see what they offer. Next check out a book read it and return the book, repeat often, maybe every 2 weeks.

Take all the money you will save and buy TIP bonds plus 20% and buy Apple stock, I mean not just the money you already spent on devices but all future money you know you will spend on future devices and all their attachments.

Do this for 25 years and not only will you be much smarter but also much richer. Also over the years as you go to the library you will meet some fantastic people. So instead of separating yourself from great people and your money with the latest devices buck the trend and enjoy life as it was meant to be. With many face to face friends and a huge wad of cash in the bank and no debt.


Now that'd be putting my money where my mouth is. See you in the stacks!


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