The Law According to Jack Bauer

The Law According to Jack Bauer

Primary sources exposed and explained.
Sept. 7 2007 3:09 PM

The Law According to Jack Bauer


Walter Sharp, associate deputy general counsel for the Defense Department, * moonlights as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law School. This spring semester Sharp will teach a course titled "The Law of 24" (see catalog page below). The two-credit class is based, yes, on the Fox hit 24. Students who take Sharp's class will acquire "a detailed understanding of a very wide range of U.S. domestic and international legal issues ... in the context of the utilitarian and sometimes desperate responses to terrorism raised by the plot of 24."

"Introduction to International Law" is recommended as a prerequisite for the course. Law students may also wish to bone up by renting DVDs for the previous six seasons. Classes will meet Tuesday evenings, while law students are still fresh from watching Monday night episodes.

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Correction, Sept. 13, 2007: An earlier version of this article mistakenly stated that a different Walter Sharp—Lt. Gen. Walter Sharp, staff director for the Joint Chiefs of Staff—was the adjunct Georgetown Law School professor teaching "The Law of 24." Apologies to both Walter Sharps for the mix-up. (Return to the corrected sentence.)