Woodward's Famous School for Journalists

Woodward's Famous School for Journalists

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Dec. 19 2006 4:29 PM

Woodward's Famous School for Journalists


Bob Woodward, the most famous investigative reporter in America, is looking for a little help.  According to this classified ad posted recently on www.JournalismJobs.com, the author, Washington Post assistant managing editor, TV personality, and lecturer can't do it alone. 

The job of Woodward's research and reporting assistant is not for the untested. Woodward's looking for someone with "five to eight years experience in journalism, books, or in-depth research and writing." Although "the normal model is two years or one book,"  the departing assistant, Bill Murphy Jr., helped complete two books, The Secret Manand State of Denial,in only one year. Murphy is now headed for an assignment in Iraq, where maybe he can get some rest. 

Murphy  told the Boston Herald that"hundreds of resumes have already come in, and a number of applicants are coming from 'top papers.'"  The salary? Unspecified.

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