Limbaugh to Judgment
Primary sources exposed and explained.
May 3 2006 4:08 PM

Limbaugh to Judgment


Yes, Rush will have to pee into a cup at irregular intervals for Palm Beach County.

Rush on air, May 1: 

"I have been undergoing random drug testing for two years and seven months. I never know when they're going to happen. I have not failed one yet. Folks, I haven't even craved a pain pill since I got out of rehab." 

Presumably, this random drug testing has been required not by any government entity but by the private facility where Limbaugh went through rehab.
Limbaugh's private doctor.
This is the equivalent of a fine.
In effect, Limbaugh is on probation. If he does all these things, the state's attorney pledges not to prosecute.