History Lesson
History Lesson

The Many Lives of Hazel Bryan

In the most famous photo of the civil rights era, she was the face of white bigotry. Here’s what she did with the rest of her life.

Aug. 2 2012 11:41 AMStop Eulogizing Gore VidalHe was a racist and an elitist, forever mourning the decline of his era of aristocratic privilege. 
Dec. 16 2011 12:12 AMThe Mississippi River Ran BackwardThe strange story of the massive 1811-12 New Madrid earthquakes, and why Midwesterners still haven’t gotten over them. 
Oct. 21 2011 12:05 PMJohn Morton BlumThe death of a legendary historian.
July 1 2011 4:56 PMLeft BehindYale solved its anti-Semitism crisis, but a deeper problem remains.
April 20 2011 2:28 PMDemocracyWhy it's the only lasting anonymous Washington novel.
April 8 2011 11:29 AMCxjlrp ZfmebopTranslation: "Famous Ciphers." A photo gallery.
Feb. 22 2011 7:20 AMOrindatus Simon Bolivar WallA hero of African-American history whose story is forgotten because his descendants decided they were white.
Jan. 10 2011 6:01 PMOf Course It Was PoliticalThe phony debate about assassins like Jared Loughner.
Nov. 19 2010 7:16 AMGive 'Em Hell, BarryObama needs a little of the Truman touch.
Sept. 24 2010 7:16 AMRewinding the Kennedy-Nixon DebatesDid JFK really win because he looked better on television?
May 21 2010 5:54 PMElena Kagan Could Have Been a Superb HistorianTwo history professors read the nominee's undergraduate thesis.
Jan. 22 2010 5:35 PMThe Case for Watered-Down LegislationWhat health care reform advocates can learn from the 1957 Civil Rights Act.
Oct. 9 2009 1:30 PMThe Old Soldier Hasn't DiedForget about McChrystal; Obama's real problem is MacArthurism.
April 29 2009 3:36 PMSpecter's ShadowWhy Arlen Specter's defection should terrify the GOP.
April 16 2009 6:59 AMInside ColumbineAs the assault raged, students fought to keep a wounded teacher alive.
Feb. 27 2012 12:39 PMSick to His StomachJohn F. Kennedy’s 1960 speech on religious freedom gives Rick Santorum a bellyache—it shouldn’t.
Nov. 10 2011 12:37 PMHot for CoolidgeWhy are Republicans so obsessed with Silent Cal?
Oct. 13 2011 10:34 AMWhat the New Deal Accomplished651,000 miles of highway. 8,000 parks. The Triborough Bridge. Do conservatives who attack the New Deal actually know what America gained from it?
May 18 2011 10:25 AMPortraits of Civil War Soldiers
April 15 2011 7:09 AMStunning Photographs of Civil War Soldiers1861 author Adam Goodheart discusses an amazing new exhibition, and his book about the start of the Civil War.
March 11 2011 12:27 PMTsunami City, USAWhy is Crescent City, Calif., so susceptible to tsunamis?
Jan. 14 2011 6:57 AMBeware the Military-Industrial ComplexEisenhower's farewell address has been completely misunderstood.
Dec. 27 2010 8:47 AMThe Hidden History of the Espionage ActThe much-maligned 1917 law had a real purpose—stopping spies and saboteurs.
Oct. 22 2010 7:12 AMHating Woodrow WilsonThe new and confused attacks on progressivism.
July 15 2010 1:35 PMToo Big To Fail, the 1912 VersionHow Wilson and Roosevelt tried to roll back the power of corporations.
Jan. 29 2010 5:12 PMObama's Achilles' HeelWhat the deficit-commission idea says about his politics.
Nov. 17 2009 3:41 PMSarah Palin = Dan QuayleThere's no way she will be president.
Sept. 23 2009 1:17 PMThe Obama HatersWe still don't understand how fringe conservatism went mainstream.
April 29 2009 7:05 AMThe Four Most Important Lessons of ColumbineHow "leakage" and the "active shooter protocol" have prevented other tragedies.
April 16 2009 7:03 AM"God I Want to Torch and Level Everything"Columbine killer Eric Harris plans the massacre.