History Lesson
History Lesson

Stop Eulogizing Gore Vidal

He was a racist and an elitist, forever mourning the decline of his era of aristocratic privilege. 

Feb. 27 2012 12:39 PMSick to His StomachJohn F. Kennedy’s 1960 speech on religious freedom gives Rick Santorum a bellyache—it shouldn’t.
Nov. 10 2011 12:37 PMHot for CoolidgeWhy are Republicans so obsessed with Silent Cal?
Oct. 13 2011 10:34 AMWhat the New Deal Accomplished651,000 miles of highway. 8,000 parks. The Triborough Bridge. Do conservatives who attack the New Deal actually know what America gained from it?
July 1 2011 4:56 PMLeft BehindYale solved its anti-Semitism crisis, but a deeper problem remains.
April 20 2011 2:28 PMDemocracyWhy it's the only lasting anonymous Washington novel.
April 8 2011 11:29 AMCxjlrp ZfmebopTranslation: "Famous Ciphers." A photo gallery.
Feb. 22 2011 7:20 AMOrindatus Simon Bolivar WallA hero of African-American history whose story is forgotten because his descendants decided they were white.
Jan. 10 2011 6:01 PMOf Course It Was PoliticalThe phony debate about assassins like Jared Loughner.
Nov. 19 2010 7:16 AMGive 'Em Hell, BarryObama needs a little of the Truman touch.
Sept. 24 2010 7:16 AMRewinding the Kennedy-Nixon DebatesDid JFK really win because he looked better on television?
May 21 2010 5:54 PMElena Kagan Could Have Been a Superb HistorianTwo history professors read the nominee's undergraduate thesis.
Jan. 22 2010 5:35 PMThe Case for Watered-Down LegislationWhat health care reform advocates can learn from the 1957 Civil Rights Act.
Oct. 9 2009 1:30 PMThe Old Soldier Hasn't DiedForget about McChrystal; Obama's real problem is MacArthurism.
April 29 2009 3:36 PMSpecter's ShadowWhy Arlen Specter's defection should terrify the GOP.
April 16 2009 6:59 AMInside ColumbineAs the assault raged, students fought to keep a wounded teacher alive.
Dec. 16 2011 12:12 AMThe Mississippi River Ran BackwardThe strange story of the massive 1811-12 New Madrid earthquakes, and why Midwesterners still haven’t gotten over them. 
Oct. 21 2011 12:05 PMJohn Morton BlumThe death of a legendary historian.
Oct. 11 2011 2:12 PMThe Many Lives of Hazel BryanIn the most famous photo of the civil-rights era, she was the face of white bigotry. You’ll never believe what she did with the rest of her life.
May 18 2011 10:25 AMPortraits of Civil War Soldiers
April 15 2011 7:09 AMStunning Photographs of Civil War Soldiers1861 author Adam Goodheart discusses an amazing new exhibition, and his book about the start of the Civil War.
March 11 2011 12:27 PMTsunami City, USAWhy is Crescent City, Calif., so susceptible to tsunamis?
Jan. 14 2011 6:57 AMBeware the Military-Industrial ComplexEisenhower's farewell address has been completely misunderstood.
Dec. 27 2010 8:47 AMThe Hidden History of the Espionage ActThe much-maligned 1917 law had a real purpose—stopping spies and saboteurs.
Oct. 22 2010 7:12 AMHating Woodrow WilsonThe new and confused attacks on progressivism.
July 15 2010 1:35 PMToo Big To Fail, the 1912 VersionHow Wilson and Roosevelt tried to roll back the power of corporations.
Jan. 29 2010 5:12 PMObama's Achilles' HeelWhat the deficit-commission idea says about his politics.
Nov. 17 2009 3:41 PMSarah Palin = Dan QuayleThere's no way she will be president.
Sept. 23 2009 1:17 PMThe Obama HatersWe still don't understand how fringe conservatism went mainstream.
April 29 2009 3:36 PMSpecter’s ShadowWhy Arlen Specter’s defection should terrify the GOP.
April 16 2009 7:03 AM"God I Want to Torch and Level Everything"Columbine killer Eric Harris plans the massacre.