History Lesson
History Lesson
June 9 2004 3:24 PMThe Man, the MythsDon't believe everything you hear about Ronald Reagan.
April 19 2004 6:16 PMSaigon and SaddamThe use and abuse of Vietnam analogies.
March 24 2004 11:31 AMWhy Is Haiti Such a Mess?It takes a rebellion to get America's attention.
Jan. 16 2004 11:00 AMTax Cuts in Camelot?JFK lowered taxes, but supply-siders wrongly claim he's their patron saint.
Oct. 2 2003 9:26 AMNixon the PopulistThe Democratic presidential candidates are falling into the trap Nixon set 50 years ago.
Aug. 29 2003 7:04 PMCondi's Phony HistorySorry, Dr. Rice, postwar Germany was nothing like Iraq.
July 22 2003 6:53 PMThe Cuban Missile Tape CrisisJust how helpful are the White House recordings?
June 2 2003 11:44 AMAdolf's Alive!Saddam Hussein and the persistent myth of Hitler's survival.
April 1 2003 10:41 AMThe POW in the American ImaginationWhy we're obsessed with American soldiers captured by the enemy.
Feb. 20 2003 10:50 AMFallout Can Be FunHow the Cold War civil-defense programs became farce.
Dec. 3 2002 6:22 PMPresidential RematchesWhat Andrew Jackson can teach Al Gore about beating Bush in 2004.
Oct. 9 2002 3:53 PMThe Trial of Henry K.Was Kissinger a war criminal? A new movie can't prove the case.
July 19 2002 10:36 AMBaseball's Con GameHow did America's pastime get an antitrust exemption?
June 18 2002 5:56 PMWatergate MisrememberedThe shallow debate about Deep Throat.
March 28 2002 11:51 AMBhagwan TeddyExplaining the cult of Theodore Roosevelt.
June 4 2004 12:32 PMD-Day ODWhy World War II nostalgia has gone too far.
March 25 2004 2:56 PMLincoln, Roosevelt, and … Bush?Does war help presidents get re-elected?
Feb. 3 2004 12:19 PMThe Bellicose CurveFaulty intelligence has catapulted the United States into war all too many times before.
Nov. 20 2003 1:55 PMDallas Through the Looking GlassThe plot to link JFK's death and Watergate.
Sept. 16 2003 4:51 PMCincinnatus for PresidentListen up, Wesley Clark! Here's how generals get elected president.
Aug. 15 2003 5:03 PMWhere Have All the Looters Gone?Why there wasn't more crime during the blackout.
June 6 2003 9:49 AMNotes From the UndergroundA documentary about the Weathermen shows how far we've come since the '60s.
May 2 2003 10:34 AMAmerica's Forgotten EmpireHow 50 years of imperialism in the Philippines changed the United States—and my family.
March 26 2003 3:32 PMAdvise and DissentHow anti-war protest movements have made the U.S. stronger.
Jan. 23 2003 11:52 AMRough DraftThe revive-conscription movement has history against it.
Oct. 18 2002 10:48 AMIs Iraq the New Japan?What the post-World War II occupation of Japan can teach us about ruling Iraq.
Oct. 8 2002 10:33 AMDoes the United States Start Wars?Would an American invasion of Iraq be unprecedented?
June 28 2002 4:39 PMThe Pledge of AllegianceWhy we're not one nation "under God."
June 13 2002 4:28 PMThe Truman ShowBush's Department of Homeland Security plan is modeled on Truman's 1947 national security reorganization. Here's what Harry got wrong.
March 12 2002 11:44 AMNixon and the Jews. Again.If his tirades against Jews weren't anti-Semitism, what were they?