May 13 2016 5:45 AMSome Things Are Worth Forgetting In a provocative new book, David Rieff questions whether remembering the past can really spare us from repeating it.
April 29 2016 4:43 PMAndrew Jackson’s Adopted Indian SonWas bringing home an Indian boy—after slaughtering his family—an act of compassion or of political expedience?
March 8 2016 8:30 AMRoller Skating Socials and a Black Rosie the RiveterDiscovering a different side of black history in the archives of the black press.
Feb. 8 2016 9:03 AMHow Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. Won the 1964 New Hampshire Primary Without Lifting a Finger Four friends thought running the “old man” would be a fun thing to do.
Jan. 18 2016 5:31 AMNative American Slaves in New FranceAs many as 10,000 Indians were enslaved between 1660–1760. Here are the names we know. 
Jan. 6 2016 11:41 AMIs History Written About Men, by Men?A careful study of recent popular history books reveals a genre dominated by generals, presidents—and male authors.  
Dec. 11 2015 5:29 AMA New History of ProhibitionHow the ban on booze gave rise to prejudiced policing, the penal system, and the modern American right wing.
Nov. 24 2015 10:02 AMFederalist No. 2The text of Publius’ article on America’s national character—with a commentary on its relevance to the immigration debate today.
Nov. 20 2015 5:51 AMHow the Nuremberg Trial Bore Witness to the Nazis’ Worst CrimesOn the 70th anniversary of the world’s most famous trial, the prosecutors’ wise approach still offers a lesson for us. 
Nov. 5 2015 10:30 AMThe Athens of OhioWhat a historian discovered when she trained her eye on the town she calls home.
Oct. 13 2015 3:34 PMHow Did American Slavery End?History of American Slavery, Episode 9: The long process of emancipation.
Oct. 8 2015 9:01 AMThe Banality of GoodWhy individuals who rescued Jews during World War II found it so difficult to explain their motives.
Sept. 29 2015 2:37 PMSlavery Myths DebunkedThe Irish were slaves too; slaves had it better than Northern factory workers; black people fought for the Confederacy; and other lies, half-truths, and irrelevancies. 
Sept. 23 2015 9:30 AMHistory’s True WarningHow our misunderstanding of the Holocaust offers moral cover for the geopolitical disasters of our time.
Sept. 17 2015 9:26 AMThe Case of the Piglet’s PaternityThe 1642 bestiality trial of New Haven colonist George Spencer reveals the horrifying growing pains of our modern justice system.
May 5 2016 5:55 AMAmerica’s Lost History of Border ViolenceTexas Rangers and civilian vigilantes killed thousands of Mexican-Americans in a campaign of terror. A century later, will the state finally acknowledge the bloodshed?
March 31 2016 6:00 AMThe Art of the New DealHow an inexperienced New Yorker famous for his name emerged from the contested 1932 convention to win the presidency.
March 4 2016 5:53 AMK TroopThe story of the eradication of the original Ku Klux Klan.
Jan. 28 2016 8:46 AMGladiators of the Sea The floating bloodbaths that delighted Roman emperors.
Jan. 18 2016 5:30 AMAmerica’s Other Original SinEuropeans didn’t just displace Native Americans—they enslaved them, and encouraged tribes to participate in the slave trade, on a scale historians are only beginning to fathom.
Dec. 23 2015 1:38 PMWho Was Hugh Glass?The Revenant is just the latest in a long history of retellings of Glass’ ordeal. Why does every generation of Americans revisit his story?
Nov. 25 2015 10:00 AMThe Road Trip That Made the Modern American Highway PossibleHow a group of enterprising auto executives convinced the nation to pave its dusty paths. 
Nov. 24 2015 8:30 AMMasters of the AtlanticThe forgotten contest between colonists and seafaring Indians for command of the American coast.
Nov. 17 2015 6:59 PMWhen People Flee to America’s ShoresWe are a nation of immigrants and refugees. Yet we always fear who is coming next.
Oct. 27 2015 9:30 AMAt Home With HitlerLife’s scathing 1939 feature on Hitler’s design sensibilities caused a reader outpouring that spanned from Hitler fan mail to wild conspiracy theories.
Oct. 9 2015 10:38 AMHow Do You Write History for Teenagers?M.T. Anderson writes erudite books about serious topics—and young adults love them. 
Oct. 1 2015 5:35 AMWhy Do So Many Americans Think They Have Cherokee Blood?The history of a myth. 
Sept. 23 2015 3:01 PMOn the RunRead a transcript of the History of American Slavery, Episode 8.
Sept. 22 2015 5:21 PMRunaway RailroadHistory of American Slavery, Episode 8: Our sometimes mythical memory of the Underground Railroad, and why the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 propelled the country toward war.
Sept. 15 2015 7:00 AMRebuilding Pontchartrain ParkHurricane Katrina destroyed the neighborhood where I grew up. I’m still battling Big Easy politics to make it great again.