March 3 2017 3:42 PMGermany: Fascism’s Terrible ApogeeWith the fourth episode, our Slate Academy arrives at the fascism that looms above all others.
Feb. 23 2017 6:52 PMCodreanu’s Alternative FactsHow Romania’s fascist leader masterfully obscured the truth to justify anti-Semitic attacks and undermine democracy.
Feb. 17 2017 2:06 PMRomania: Bloody, Mystical Fascism From the EastThe third episode of our Slate Academy asks if the experience of Romania changes our understanding of fascism’s origins.
Feb. 7 2017 5:01 PMSpain’s “Semi-Fascism”On the brink of civil war, Spain produced a ragtag brand of fascism that was still insidiously authoritarian.
Feb. 3 2017 12:15 PMSpain: An Influential OutlierThe second episode of Fascism: A Slate Academy asks how a fringe movement got folded into a 40-year dictatorship.
Jan. 30 2017 9:00 AM“This Is the Violence of Which I Approve”A short history of the political violence that helped Mussolini attain power.
Dec. 2 2016 5:35 PMWhen to Rename a Building, and WhyYale adopts a new approach to deciding whether Calhoun College and other university properties need new names.
Nov. 17 2016 6:02 PMIs Racism a Disease?Is a psychological diagnosis a useful way to view racism—or does it merely absolve the racist of blame?
Nov. 9 2016 5:43 PMThere Is No Solace in the PastLooking to history for an analogue to Trump’s victory does a disservice to the present and the past.
Oct. 28 2016 5:47 AMNo Girls AllowedHow America’s persistent preference for brash boys over “sivilizing” women fuelled the candidacy of Donald Trump.
Sept. 16 2016 3:25 PMAmerica Has Always Seen Ambitious Women as UnhealthyThe long, sad history of accusing women who seek power and influence of ugliness and ill health.
Sept. 2 2016 12:41 PMWhat White Catholics Owe Black AmericansWe were among the greatest beneficiaries of the American dream. It’s time to acknowledge that our dream was built on profits plundered from black women, men, and children.
Aug. 9 2016 5:45 AMThe Original Attack DogJames Callender spread scurrilous stories about Alexander Hamilton and John Adams. Then he turned on Thomas Jefferson, too.
July 22 2016 3:25 PMIs 2016 the Worst Year in History?It’d have to be worse than 1348. And 1836. And 1919 …
June 21 2016 2:08 PMWhy the Racial Wealth Gap Harms Everyone—Even WhitesRacism drives down wages for white workers too.
March 1 2017 5:45 AMThe True Cost of the Louisiana PurchaseThe United States didn’t buy a huge tract of land from France. It bought the right to displace Native Americans from that land.
Feb. 21 2017 4:29 PM“A Unique Death Cult”How the Romanian Iron Guard blended nationalistic violence with Christian martyrdom to spread a singularly morbid fascist movement.
Feb. 9 2017 9:00 AMForging a Dictatorship in SpainHow Franco tailored fascism to his country by stealing from every major political movement.
Feb. 7 2017 1:56 PMHell No, He Must Go!What anti-Trump protesters can learn from the successes, and mistakes, of the anti–Vietnam War movement.
Feb. 3 2017 11:59 AMNot Who We AreThe United States is neither a land of nativists nor a haven for immigrants. Our xenophobic impulses and loftiest ideals have been in conflict since the founding.
Jan. 20 2017 2:08 PM“We Are Evidently Aryans”Why Italian fascists embraced Hitler’s anti-Semitism.
Nov. 18 2016 2:32 PMHimHis election that November came as a surprise…
Nov. 16 2016 2:40 PMWhat the Mass Deportation of Immigrants Might Look LikeOperation Wetback didn’t merely enforce immigration law—it enforced the idea that American citizens are white.
Nov. 8 2016 8:19 AMAn Election for the Dark AgesA medievalist on the uses and misuses of history in the 2016 campaign.
Oct. 14 2016 7:27 AMNeutron SundayIn 1956, Ed Sullivan showed America what nuclear holocaust looks like. We were never the same again.
Sept. 2 2016 3:57 PMHow Do Descendants of Slaves Find Their Ancestors?Georgetown’s decision highlights the difficulties black Americans face in tracing their lineages.
Aug. 30 2016 5:56 PMWhen Malcolm X Met Fidel CastroThe history behind the photographs on Colin Kaepernick’s T-shirt.
July 28 2016 2:14 PMWhat Bill O’Reilly Doesn’t Understand About SlaveryThe kindness of masters is meaningless in the context of a hereditary chattel system that turned humans into property.
July 6 2016 5:30 AMIs the Greatest Collection of Slave Narratives Tainted by Racism?In the 1930s, the federal government sent (mostly white) interviewers to learn about slavery from former slaves. Can we trust the stories they brought back?
June 14 2016 5:17 PMWhat Gun Control Advocates Can Learn From AbolitionistsSlave ownership was once as entrenched in American life as gun ownership.