Hey, Wait A Minute
Hey, Wait A Minute
April 11 2002 3:42 PMChecking Out the CheckpointsThe curious irrationality of airport security.
Sept. 18 2001 4:50 AMWhy Punish the Skycaps?
July 20 2001 8:30 PMAmerica's Other Litter Problem
June 5 2001 3:00 AMTwo's Company; Three's a MarriageIn praise of polygamy. 
Feb. 8 2001 9:00 PMGeorge W.'s Heart AttackIt's enough to make you long for the days when Republicans were mean-spirited agents of hate.
Jan. 5 2001 3:00 AMHillary in 2004?You (and all those Beltway journalists) have got to be kidding. 
Oct. 25 2000 3:00 AMJungle FeverDid two U.S. scientists start a genocidal epidemic in the Amazon, or was The New Yorker duped? 
Oct. 3 2000 3:00 AMWinning the SpinAl Gore has already won the post-debate analysis. 
Aug. 17 2000 3:00 AMMy Classmate George W.He can't be president. He's not old enough.
June 22 2000 11:30 PMNobody Votes for the VeepIt doesn't matter whom Gore and Bush pick. 
May 19 2000 9:30 PMThe Economics of PricelineAnd what Priceline says about the American economy. 
Dec. 10 1999 3:30 AMHappy Opposites DayHere's the deal: I pretend that affirmative action is dead. You pretend you've got something better.
Aug. 10 1999 3:30 AM Richard Nixon Is Still DeadRumors of his comeback have been greatly exaggerated.
May 13 1999 3:30 AM Account OverwroughtThe protesters think they struck a blow for bank privacy. Boy, are they wrong.
April 22 1999 3:30 AM Race Bait and SwitchIs Social Security unfair to African-Americans?
Dec. 12 2001 4:11 PMWho Deserves the 9/11 Cash Pile?A moral philosopher on misplaced generosity.
Aug. 18 2001 12:00 AMThe Logic of AssassinationWhy Israeli murders and Palestinian suicide bombings make sense.
June 15 2001 8:30 PMSwamp ThingThe plan to restore the Everglades is not what you think it is. 
May 30 2001 9:00 PMGay for GoodCan straight guys become happy homosexuals?
Jan. 18 2001 3:00 AMThe Poverty of IntegritySo what if John Ashcroft doesn't drink, dance, or swear? 
Nov. 21 2000 3:00 AMThe Real Flaw in Hand CountsThey're too accurate. 
Oct. 21 2000 1:00 AMDead President-Elect What if Al Gore or George W. Bush got hit by a truck? 
Sept. 22 2000 3:00 AMThe Spend and Elect GOPThere's nobody left to say no to wasteful federal programs. 
July 5 2000 9:00 PMAss BackwardsFirst they told us to eat fiber. Now they're telling us to forget it. What's a colon to do? 
June 12 2000 11:30 PMLong Live Elián GonzálezJuan Miguel's choice. 
March 24 2000 3:00 AMThe Myth of Anti-CatholicismOr, how the establishment learned to stop worrying and love the pope. 
Oct. 5 1999 3:28 AM The Real American Love StoryWhy America is a lot less white than it looks.
May 27 1999 3:30 AM The Merchant of MenaceRacial stereotypes in a galaxy far, far away?
May 4 1999 3:30 AM Speeding While SoberBe as reckless as you want on the roads--just don't drink.
April 17 1999 3:30 AM Fortune and Men's EyeballsApplying a bit of math to the great Internet giveaway.