The amazing electric sports car, the Tesla Roadster.
The amazing electric sports car, the Tesla Roadster.
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Nov. 27 2006 6:57 AM

It's Electric!

The Tesla Roadster—a hotshot sports car that runs on batteries.

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To buy a Tesla, you'll need both $100,000 and the brains to calculate that it won't be a hassle to keep charged. That's probably why the buyers for the Roadster's sold-out first run of 100 cars include a few people I know at Google. I wouldn't be surprised if those guys figure out a way to hack the local electric company's environmental-incentive programs and actually make money driving the things to work.

In the meantime, I checked out the Tesla booth last weekend at the San Francisco Auto Show. The car didn't have the crowd-wowing effect of Chevy's 2009 Camaro. It's attractive but tame-looking. The missing exhaust pipes aren't obvious unless you look for them. The booth's torque-curve chart drew interest, but not converts. You've got to ride in one to get excited. Trust me.

Paul Boutin is a writer living in San Francisco.

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