On being 100, "regretflix," and blurbing poetry.

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Sept. 12 2008 10:54 AM

Outbreak of Civility

On being 100, "regretflix," and blurbing poetry.

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Wednesday, September 3,  2008


Many readers were shocked, shocked, by William Saletan's theoretical article about past candidates' daughters—"Pointless speculation" with a "sensational title" in a "so-called respectable publication," "breath-takingly goofy," "womb-obsessed." They say that as if those were bad things—have they not read Slate before? The answer is probably "No": At this stage in an election year, we get a lot of new Fray posters. A regular reader is more likely to argue with the statistics than the premise or to offer a suggestion, as Lizdexia did: "Why not list all the male writers at Slate, and compare them to the statistics for wife beaters?" (Lizdexia is a new poster but promising.)

The Fray was loving the Palin family in all its glorious newsworthiness—"Should we judge? Hell yes," as sfifeadams had it here, and the following comments come from all over the boarrds.  This helpful remark came from Xaedalus: "I think [Palin] will put to rest once and for all the idea that we are a misogynistic nation. Rather, she will show that the people who hate Hillary, just plain hate Hillary and not the XX." Moderately Amused put it this way: "Somewhere, Dan Quayle has got to be smiling. His place in history as the most capricious pick for VP has just been erased."

Jack cerf had his own take:

What Palin exemplifies is the Frank Capra/Jimmy Stewart sentimental populist wish-dream, seen in movies like Dave, and on every daytime TV judge show, thatall would be well if a regular person, just like ourselves, only a little bit better, ran things instead of professional politicians, lawyers and intellectuals. I don't underestimate its appeal.

And Silas Porter had similar views:

I guess I am one of the dwindling number of Americans who wants my leaders to be more extraordinary than me, more intelligent and more talented. I think the people who look for regularity in their leaders are really just looking for someone to affirm them as people--to tell them that people like you--average--can succeed. Doesn't that sound lame?...America, please stop being such morons about this. This isn't a high school election. It's not a popularity contest.

No? Are you sure?

If you're going to make the most of this election and the press coverage, you can't be too squeamish, and sometimes it's time to wallow in bad taste. We thought we'd done well by finding this imagined convention introduction from guylinder, who had heard that Bristol Palin's baby-father will be there:

Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a warm Republican welcome to the man who is having sex with the vice presidential nominee's daughter!