How we deal with the dead.

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June 18 2008 11:05 AM

"Canonization, Backlash, Backlash-Backlash"

How we deal with the dead.

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It's called values and life experiences. They don't see the same big negatives you do in Clinton - but they see big negatives in Obama that we don't. I have read some pretty awful words about [Clinton] supporters written by Obama supporters in XX, other blogs and the MSM - her supporters must be extremely ignorant, stupid or racist to support her. Or they must be bitter old hags. Please, how is that constructive? I dont want someone to talk about my mother that way! [...]

I know more Clinton supporters than Obama supporters. They don't need us to validate what they feel. They don't want us to judge their choices. Clinton's loss is not the biggest tragedy in their lives. They are very disappointed, but they've seen presidents and other leaders assassinated, and buried their parents, kids and husbands. They know they will be able to move on in a few days.

Do they like Obama. No. Will they vote for Obama? Maybe.

If mainstream press accounts leave you wondering which rank-and-file Democrats need reconciliation and why, The Fray abounds with insightful examples. Notable entries include this defense of Obama's accomplishments by thdcnx; Adrasteia's account of the moment she turned away from Clinton; and this conversation between eric2500be and Munich about Obama's off-putting elitism.


Today, the closing credits are set to roll on one of the most exciting primary campaigns in American history. As the heat gradually dies down, the time has come for cool reflection on what these extraordinary elections have been and what they have meant. We'd love to hear your thoughts in The Fray. --GA11:15 pm PDT

Wednesday, June 04,  2008

Update: Which Frays are which Sex and the City women? Bright_virago came up with such good suggestions (possibly even better than mine) that they really need to be featured:

Carrie is "Dear Prudence."

Charlotte is "Family."

Miranda is "Jurisprudence."

Samantha is "Shameful Conduct."

OK, definitely better than my choices. --MR4.00 p.m. GMT