Mr. Subtitle responds.

Mr. Subtitle responds.

Mr. Subtitle responds.

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March 9 2003 1:42 AM

Unsubtle Subtitle

Kenneth Pollack on The Case for Invading Iraq.

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the key to victory will be severing the command and control infrastructure between saddam and his military assets. if the generals are no longer receiving tactical instructions/threats/blustery speeches from saddam, they may find the logic of signing a surrender treaty with US commanders irresistible. saddam may want to go out as a martyr, but general Ibn Haytn Wahr probably realizes his own death will not bring him any personal glory. …

War Stories war: There are two "War Stories" pieces going up today—Easterbrook's and Fred Kaplan's piece on Bush's unilateralism. The Fray may be confusing. Update: With Easterbrook's piece now on, it will be hard to discuss Kaplan's. One way would be to go here, where Betty_The_Crow kicked off a thread about the same passage from the NYT that Kaplan focuses on …

Complaint dept. Send comments on the new Dreamcatcher popup to … 1:05 p.m.

ΣixΣΣux: Disgruntled former (and current) GE employees have weighed in on the performance of Jack Welch’s proteges. Much of the Welchlets debate centers on the applicability of Jack's "Six Sigma" philosophy. TonyAdragna, who cops to having been forced to try to make the thing go at Citibank, has the best one-liner here:

Against a goal of "no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities", 4 failures of 6 opportunities says much about what Jack's "management academy" produced...

Gamebird offers some cogent reasons for Six Sigma's particularity here, while lone voice tuscanyron hews to the purist's line here:

Jack's Pals are failing is because they just give lip service to the program. The fact is that six sigma takes work, lots of hard work. Most of these guys just don't have the patience to work through all the details of six sigma. Basically, they just want to get the product to market and in recent years they "sold the wine before it was time." Lot's of product and service failures.

Finally, for those who want to see what GE's new "Imagination at Work" campaign means (when it doesn't mean finding time to post in the Fray), check here. … 10:45 a.m.


Tuesday, Mar. 4, 2003

Shazamwatch, or, won't you be my Nabors? Arlington thinks the future betrayal of Iraqi Kurds is like "Gomer Pyle, yelling, 'Hey! Sergeant Carter! Guess what! Soo-prahz, soo-prahz, soo-prahz!' " Meanwhile, over in the Television Fray discussion of Six Feet Under, You-Me-Us is still reeling from Catherine O'Hara's performance: "Imagine being midway through a performance of Long Day's Journey Into Night and having Gomer Pyle walk on stage and exclaim, 'Surprise surprise surprise!' He would be no more out of place." … 12:30 p.m.

Quick Cuts: Check out Deej on Ron Jeremy's doppelganger here; Cicero, Don and MarcEJohnson on Bush's domestic difficulties here; DeaH's responses to the Ad Report Card on the "art exhibit with no art" here and here; and doodahman's review of David Edelstein's review  of Spider here. ... 12:15 p.m.