War porn from Slate.

War porn from Slate.

War porn from Slate.

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March 14 2003 12:07 PM

Flower Power

The Fray on cutting daisies and picking dandelions.

The Saddambusters, starring Michael Redgrave as Grag Jenkins:Kneejerk_liberal calls Fred Kaplan's piece on the MOAB "Nothing but war porn" here (DeaH would agree here). Most of the debate surrounds the power of the bomb. Nuclear yields are calculated in TNT equivalence and many Fraysters argue that Kaplan doesn't translate the MOAB's 18,000 pounds into TNT (for example, Thrasymachus here). It seems that the MOAB's explosive is 27 percent more powerful than TNT, which makes its yield 22,860 pounds of TNT, if AustinKnight is correct here.

Diary of an Adnan: Speaking of armaments (and catching up with Chatterbox's "Six Degrees" series) the_advocate provides a link to a graphical representation of the Khashoggi circle here; I don't know what it is, but it's cool. …

Al-Qaidaball: The Fray takes up Dahlia Lithwick's suggestion that Zacarias Moussaoui is "less the 20th hijacker than an unbalanced al-Qaida utility outfielder—the dreamy girl who stands between the second baseman and the center fielder and picks dandelions." Slough calls him "the guy in the Al Qaeda team photo who's cropped off the screen" here, while historyguy points out:

That dreamy girl picking dandelions between second base and centerfieder isn't a utility outfielder. She's a shortfielder, filling an unneeded position invented for Little League teams with too many kids.

Up in the major leagues, that guy sitting on the bench all the time, playing only during the second game of double headers, or on the fifth or sixth consecutive game day for the team? The one waiting for someone to get injured? He's a utility outfielder. And he's no star, but he's a paid profesional, competent at the job, and if it were a terror team instead of a baseball team, he'd be a threat … 8:55 a.m.


Thursday, Mar. 13, 2003

He'd have to grow a mustache, but … So, why is Spencer Abraham really at the OPEC meeting in Vienna? To "jawbone individual OPEC members in the hopes of lowering oil prices" as Chatterbox contends? GarySimpson doesn’t think so. "I would assume that the Secretary was lobbying for a larger oil quota for post war Iraq." He also points out that

The U.S. will be in an odd situation regarding oil production in post war Iraq. Someone will have to name the new Iraqi representative to OPEC. …

Why not name Abraham himself?Or, as J_Mann puts it here:

it's curious to me that an Arab-American cabinet official is meeting with OPEC, and Kaus, Matthews, and GhostofEchoes haven't trotted out the accusations of dual loyalty. . . 10:15 p.m.

A Biskinder, gentler history: The sanctification of the 70's in Trio's Easy Riders, Raging Bullsfestival brings out the Fray contrarians. Thelyamhound reminds us (if we forgot) how much good filmmaking there was in the 80's with his comprehensive graf here. So why are the 80's maligned and neglected? Dug4000 has an idea here: