War porn from Slate.

War porn from Slate.

War porn from Slate.

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March 14 2003 12:07 PM

Flower Power

The Fray on cutting daisies and picking dandelions.

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Inedal asks a good question: "If modafinil [is] so good, then why are the [Air Force] pilots popping amphetamines?" He or she gets two answers: there's insufficient evidence (KME here:"Modafinil is a mystery, it's new, and there haven't been many, if any, studies on using it as a stimulant in this fashion") and they are (Couture911 here). Can anyone else settle this?

As usual, Fraysters are looking out for Slate's bottom line. As schwartz noted here:

This like all articles here, seem to lack necessary links. I would have loved to see an add to cart at each item.

Plotz only offered a vague plug for the online "Discount Mexican Pharmacy." Retief says,I got your discount Mexican pharmacy right here:

In Mexico they already have a cure for your mid-afternoon drowsiness. We call it the Siesta. For awhile we tried rebranding it as the PowerNap, but it still isn't getting as much traction in US workplaces as it deserves. …

Add it up: The Fray tallied its 6 millionth post over the weekend. Confirming the worst: it is in Ballot Box, it consists entirely of a hackneyed internet abbreviation that indicates the poster is easily amused by a lame joke about the French lack of valor, and it includes a spelling error. (Post 5,000,000 was perhaps the greatest technical feat in the history of the Fray, so some fall-off was inevitable.) It took the Fray just under 116 days to go from 5 million to 6 million, for an average of 8,620 posts a day. … 10:25 a.m.


Saturday, Mar. 8, 2003

Writers on The Storm:Kenneth Pollack, author of The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq, responds to Chris Suellentrop's Assessment here. Pollack sees U.S. foreign policy caught between the horns of a dilemma. On the one hand, "given how far down the road the Bush Administration has taken us, I think that we have no realistic choice but to go to war this year." And yet

I think the Administration has handled the diplomacy and public diplomacy of coalition building very poorly, and I am deeply concerned about the impact this will have both on postwar reconstruction and on our ability to garner allies for the inevitable next crisis.

Personally, he is clearly tired of "[h]aving had my name tossed around so often by so many who seem to have read only the subtitle of my book" and seems to concur with Suellentrop that "A more appropriate subtitle for the book would have been The Case for Rebuilding Afghanistan, Destroying al-Qaida, Setting Israel and Palestine on the Road to Peace, and Then, a Year or Two Down the Road After Some Diplomacy, Invading Iraq," when he says The Case for Invading Iraq "was not my choice!" ... 10:40 p.m.

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