War porn from Slate.

War porn from Slate.

War porn from Slate.

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March 14 2003 12:07 PM

Flower Power

The Fray on cutting daisies and picking dandelions.

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(Baltimore-aureole and Tiresias debate Jimmy Carter's culpability for the Desert One debacle beginning here.)

More moral authority than the Pope? WatchfulBabbler, himself no dove, lays out the case for the Pope's consistency on the issue of political violence here. One tiny part of his extensive post:

In a world of torn relationships and constant violence, war can only beget war; in the view of the Church, only by breaking that cycle of violence can peace be attained. We may deride this as an overly optimistic view, but the Pope would point to the downfall of the Soviet Union as history speaking on his behalf. Seventy-five years may be a long time to us, but to the kingdom of God? The merest flicker of flame.

There's also plenty of bite. See, for instance, Betty_The_Crow's guide to the Hitchens funhouse here, gtomkins here, or doodahman's latest "International Man of Idiocy" installment here. Last, instead of indulging Hitchens' anti-Christian bias, Zathras thinks Slate should fill Fighting Words with Fray posts here:

It would be cheaper, and though Fray posters that specialize in denouncing Those Kind of People tend to be vulgar, unskilled in the use of the written word and maybe even a little stupid everyone would understand that they were doing the best they could. Hitchens by contrast is just phoning it in. …

And speaking of the other cheek … BenK responds to Rob Walker's Ad Report Card on Nike's latest spots with a reading that shades into politics:

The streaker ad doesn't even use american style photography. It seems a little fuzzy, the colors a little undersaturated for an american audience. The accents are queen's english, the humor droll, dry, understated. even the security is non-american; slow, patient, almost caring... deeply ineffective. Sorta like U.N. peacekeepers. …

The Barbara of Baghdad?: Ender sees a hidden agenda herein Michael Young's remark that "Taking a page out of British imperial history, the Bush administration intends to name a woman …" to run one part of postwar Iraq:

I don't know about you, but I found this a poorly veiled (possibly unconscious) attempt to draw a parallel between U.S. intentions towards Iraq and failed British imperialism. …

Think of it this way, if Bush appoints a man rather than Barbara Bodine could we expect to read something like this: "The Bush administration makes a clean break from British imperial history by naming a man as administrator of the zone that includes Baghdad"? I think not. … 8:40 a.m.


Monday, Mar. 10, 2003

Provigil strange I kept in the air one night: Responding to David Plotz's most recent Superman entry on Modafinil, a drug that might circumvent the body's need for sleep, Keith_M_Ellis reports on his underwhelming experience with it here. This and his other contributions to the Superman fray have been excellent. Keep an eye out for future posts (easy to spot with his well-earned star). Couture911 on the other hand has a heck of a Provigil story here.