War porn from Slate.

War porn from Slate.

War porn from Slate.

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March 14 2003 12:07 PM

Flower Power

The Fray on cutting daisies and picking dandelions.

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Or we could just pronounce it fronch: The Chatterbox Fray is chock full of good posts on the rechristening of french fries as freedom fries, but nothing can match the majesty of rob_said_that's string of quatrains. One of a dozen:

Our women never put on rouge
Our winter sports eschew the luge
Our soldiers never camouflage
Our hospitals must not triage …

Stephen_Dedalus surveys what might be left of our dietary lexicon:

Since so much of the world is against the war, we're going to have to change many more names than those for fries and toast. At least for now, we can keep english muffins, the australian crawl and spanish rice. I hear english muffins are on the brink, though. ...

I'm not as think as you drunk I am; I'm thinker: Several good, technical responses to David Plotz's most recent Superman entry on memory (see the bottom of the piece). One remarkable bit of news (to me) from Engram, who isn't making this up:

Alcohol improves memory (yes, alcohol!). … I'm not talking about the memories that you tried to form while under the influence of the drug. I'm talking about the memories that you formed just prior to getting plastered. Many studies have shown that those memories are actually enhanced. One such study with a great title is called "Forget Drinking to Forget: Enhanced consolidation of emotionally charged memory by alcohol."

Slate: Now with more radio buttons! Responding to Paul Boutin's webhead entry that promises to match readers with their ideal spam filter, DeaH laments the creeping Cosmo-tization of Slate here:

I knew it was only a matter of time. I mean, look at some of the titillating "cover" photos we've recently had. (By the way, more half-nude muscular menplease?) Now we have the quintessential Cosmo feature: The Quiz. In few short questions, Slate was able to match me up with my dream filter! How groovy! Now, for the next quiz, I want to find out which party I'm better off in bed with. Or, even better, match my clothing style to my stance on the war! ... 10:41 a.m.


Tuesday, Mar. 11, 2003

Spirtually exercised: An embarrassment of excellent responses to Christopher Hitchens' most recent Fighting Words, on Christian opposition to the war. Brewmn laments Hitchens' ad hominem tendencies here:

Is the fact that pedophilia is rampant in the priesthood really relevant to the question of whether or not the coming war is a just one? …

As a fellow atheist, I generally discount any arguments based on divine insight. However, I will take the painstaking logic of an Aquinas over the scattershot, emotional, logically irrelevant appeals of Hitchens any day. Does he really feel Richard Perle is a person with more moral authority than Jimmy Carter?