A Clintonologist responds.
A Clintonologist responds.
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Feb. 7 2003 11:44 PM

Duck and Cover? Duck and Rabbit.

Clintonology is all about appearances.

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What Kaplan leaves out somewhat perplexingly is that blowing "sources and methods" on the brink of war will surely affect the ability to collect operational intelligence that is of value to saving the lives of US troops and, by shortening the war, Iraqis as well.

The best thread begins with The_Bell's long post about "The two Henrys on Secrecy and Foreign Policy"—the two being Thoreau and Kissinger—and turns on the question of where American reliance on Presidential assertions should begin and end. …

Half-Nelson: Christopher Hitchens argues that despite Nelson Mandela's contention otherwise, disrespect for the U.N. is nothing new—and nothing racist. J_Mann captures Mandela's stature this way:

His place in history is secure. Unfortunately, his place in history is now as a brave man who was able to break through what seemed like an intractable barrier to find peace, then gradually decended into paranoid rantings that most of the world was decent enough to ignore.

There are some half-hearted defenses of Mandela here (from Kija) and here (from PXX). Overall, the Fray finds less to take issue with than usual this week. Pacimini stays busy wrestling with "the question Hitchens": What must it be like to be wedged between The Nation and the neocons? (WVMicko, Joe_JP and Populuxe have joined in). Pac: "Now that Hitchens is stuck between paradigms, he's like the rest of us in that he has to make good on his arguments. Poor guy."

The Quiet Fray: How does The Quiet American play in Vietnam? Peter_In_China offers a report here. As for those of us stateside, he notes:

People certainly aren't watching this ponderous film as entertainment, so I can only assume it's for political enlightenment. If so, it needs to be pointed out that the movie's view of Vietnamese history is complete nonsense.

And he provides some historical corrections.

More shameless begging: It is hard to adequately contest a movie review when you haven't seen the film in question. Why not stop by Movies Fray when you roll back into work on Monday? Cleanse your palate of the dreck you've witnessed; share your Brendan Fraser fetish; etc. ... 2:10 a.m.


Saturday, Feb. 1, 2002

Palestine, TX: The first Fray reactions to the disintegration of the Space Shuttle Columbia  are filled with prayers for the astronauts and their families. Shelia repeats the Challenger memorial here: