The Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates.

The Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates.

The Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates.

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Feb. 1 2003 11:19 AM

Signifying Everything

First Fray reactions to the Space Shuttle disaster.

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And in the swamped Breakfast Table discussion, The_Slasher-8 explains the perils of thinking Bush is a clever hayseed in "The Myth of Andy Griffith."  …

Good World Cop/Bad World Cop: Even before Will Saletan's good news/bad news/no news analysis, WVMicko sees  the SOTU as good news/bad news for Bush's Iraq policy:

The bad news: There is no clear evidence on Iraqi WMD …

The good news: Bush is prepared to make his case for war on grounds other than convincing evidence of actual weapons or programs.

For WV, the best of the non-WMD reasons for war is humanitarian:

However, I was encouraged by Bush's indictment of the Baath regime on human rights grounds. He made it a point to make the horror graphic and unmistakeable. I have always felt that it is legitimate—and manifestly liberal as well—to make war on humanitarian grounds. If the Holocaust taught us anything, it is the potential depth and cost of evil, and why it is the duty of the free world to stop it, even if people die in the process.

Still, WV thinks it must be a multilateral effort, and the remainder of his long, compelling post expains why. …

The end of irony? Not in the Fray: Betty_The_Crow goes point for point here; two funny bits:

On Bush's crowing over his domestic agenda:

Some might call this a good record.
Some might call William Shatner singing "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" a good record. Probably the same people.

On Cars of the Future:

A simple chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen generates energy, which can be used to power a car producing only water, not exhaust fumes.
Thank you Dr. Science. Can we get a little help on mileage standards in the meanwhile?