The Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates.

The Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates.

The Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates.

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Feb. 1 2003 11:19 AM

Signifying Everything

First Fray reactions to the Space Shuttle disaster.

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If you're a 60-year old conservative now, you can have your tax break and your 4 percent spending increase, and your five simultaneous wars abroad all at the same time, because you're going to be dead by the time I get hit with the bill for your profligacy. The decision to fund America's priorities on layaway is selfish, and it's a betrayal of younger Americans who will inherit a government with staggering debts.

2. The push to end the marriage penalty and increase the child tax credit is social engineering.

[O]ur president is telling us that being married and having children ENTITLES us to a lower tax burden ... and even a TAX PAY-OFF. "Send us the checks, Mr. President! We delivered the babies you asked for!" I find it nauseating. It was nauseating when Clinton started it, and it's getting worse … Ten years ago, everyone was OUTRAGED that black mothers were getting larger welfare checks to help them deal with extra kids. But now the "soccer moms" are getting them, and it's just returning "their money." Even if the IRS' check is larger than their tax burden!

Bright side: If this encourages people to have more kids, their share of the structural deficit is less. …

Pandermonium: Poindexter was roused by the final two-thirds of the speech here. But …

That was a real surprise because the first third of the speech was painful to watch; sort of like when an Olympic ice skater keeps falling down and the two minutes begins to seem like a hellish eternity; you just want them to get off the ice. BU$H seemed to be going through the motions on domestic policy and his sudden discovery of the decades-old African AIDS epidemic was the most transparent Sister Souljah moment in American politics since, well, the Sister Souljah moment.

Don tries to shift the discussion away from John Kerry/Gary Locke's barbers to Locke's performance here.

AndrewLynch (see below)has already been remarkably gracious in defending himself; for example here. ... 8:30 a.m.


Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2002

"Otherwise dealt with": State of the Union discussion is all over the Fray. Most of the traffic will be in This Just Inearly on AndrewLynch "pretends" he is a middle American and finds himself "impressed" by "strategists' attempts to make Bush sound like he was busy, busy, busy" here.

There is plenty of action on the BallotBox Fray: e.g., TC3 objected to the fuzzy math of African AIDS relief here; BFD noted that Bush "talked about fiscal discipline but didn't use the term 'spending cuts' and then announced a 4% increase in discretionary spending" here.