Readers revisit Bakke with Kinsley.

Readers revisit Bakke with Kinsley.

Readers revisit Bakke with Kinsley.

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Dec. 6 2002 4:14 PM

Bakke 1, 2, 3

Fray on Kinsley on the revisitation.

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And Ender reminds us that it's always tree-hunting season here:

[N]o one appreciates a good tree more than an old school logger. I say old school because I feel that chainsaws take much of the pleasure, not to mention challenge out of the kill. No, give me an axe and one of those weekend quasi-environmentalists and I'll turn them into a logger faster than you can say timberrrr. ...

Racketeers and sloganeers: Dahlia Lithwick asks for new slogans in the abortion debate. OhioBoy obliges, evenhandedly:

Slogan for Pro-Choicers: Kill the Babies! (They'd probably be idiots anyway!)

Slogan for Pro-Lifers: If you can't trust Congress to make decisions about your pregnancy, who the heck CAN you trust?

Ever wonder how is a fetus is like a postwar Japanese citizen caught up in the struggle for democracy? samuelv explains here. ...

Insert the metal buckle into slot and pull hard on the strap to tighten: I hadn't figured out why the posts castigating Chatterbox for mulling over the relationship between S&M and political torture seemed so boring to me (some were well-wrought, but still) until I read Christofurio's suggestion here:

Chatterbox's problem isn't really with torture (he's against it). Nor is it with consensual sex among adults (he's for it). Judging from this article, Chatterbox's real problem is with issues like mandatory seat belt use, where he favors using the force of law and the threat of punishment to get people to do what is good for them. He doesn't know how to square THAT with his tolerant views on S&M.

Seat belt laws—there's something to get excited about! ...

Possibly the definitive Kissinger investigation post: BBanzi here:

After 40 years of waiting, at long last: Warren Commission II !!! ... 5:40 a.m.


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