Readers revisit Bakke with Kinsley.

Readers revisit Bakke with Kinsley.

Readers revisit Bakke with Kinsley.

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Dec. 6 2002 4:14 PM

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Fray on Kinsley on the revisitation.

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Okay, maybe her business is sex (I don't want to know) and drugs (definitely), but Whitney Houston wouldn't know rock and roll if it came up and bit her. That Contemporary Hit Radio stuff that she's based her career on is anything but rock.

Not that SunDevil has nice things to say about Mariah here:

Her vocal style reminds me of those "Guitar-Hero" types from the 80's, like Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Chris Impelliteri, et al. They crammed as many notes into a song or solo as possible, from the highest high end to the lowest low end, without any regard as to whether the notes fit the context of the song, or whether they even sounded any good. My friends called it "gratuitous wanking" …

Fray-Lo: And speaking of gratuitous wanking: Mariah, Whitney—who's missing? Jennifer, of course. For your Fray fix join BML here.

Everyone's a critic: Many regular Fraysters are frequent moviegoers, yet the Movies Fray is usually ho-hum. In part this is because the reviews usually come out before the movies (that would be the point), in part this is because the thing people do after they see movies is talk about them (thus sapping the Will to Fray). Try to save some of your crit for the Fray (or repeat yourself). Drop by Sunday or early Monday and I'll clip stuff for the Monday midday Fraywatch (the one that includes Sopranos stuff).


Thursday, Dec. 5, 2002

Tree-mendous: There are several good threads in the debate over Bush's new forest management policy which turns, as usual, on fire suppression and economic impact. In one debate, between mrachmuth asksTSR

If there are such large private forests owned and maintained by the logging industry, why does that industry fight so hard to open up the public lands to logging? I agree with the movement toward a sustainable logging industry; what I object to and fight against is the need to open up all lands to mining, logging, etc.

Both Sarvis here and TheSlasher here argue that only corporate welfare makes logging profitable; historyguy explains the logic of Bush's profit motive.

Adkforester makes the classic conservative stewardship article here:

The forests out west are often in an unhealthy situation. Years of neglect have produced stands that are overstocked and stressed. ... Fires can grow to overwhelming size and temperature, literally cooking the ground ruining entire watersheds which I am sure fly fisherman love. When we first disturbed the ground we made the promise that we would be stewards of the land. Doing nothing is not good stewardship.