The new Harry Potter is here!

The new Harry Potter is here!

The new Harry Potter is here!

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Nov. 8 2002 3:53 PM

The New Harry Potter Is Here!

Plus, readers give the Democrats advice.

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Exit strategy: Zathras doesn't miss the VNS exit polls here:

I thought it was kind of nice to wait a little longer for the actual votes to come in. Filling up time with interviews—even Larry King interviews with party types still spinning like mad even though the polls had closed—was more informative than watching a bunch of media talking heads give their instant analysis of someone else's polling work.

VNS ought to tell its coders to take their time. We really won't need them in 2004.


1, 2, 3, OK, recount's done: Elmer Fudd and Don are pondering the likely South Dakota recount here. (Ballot Box is moving extremely fast today; let's hope they come back.)

However, this race is a real slap in the face to Daschle and his Senate strategy no matter how this one ends up. The people have spoken—obstructionist politics ain't gonna work!

Poor Thune—he wanted only to run for governor, a position he would have probably won easily. Bush twisted his arm a bit to get him in the Senate race.

Pitt beef: The early CW on Pitt's resignation is that it is more evidence of the Bush team's political savvy this election cycle. Doubter here refers to the election as a "weapon of mass distraction." (His original coinage is here.) Carolyn here and W.V. Micko here are also on board. No one has yet suggested that Pitt might have hung on if only he had known of the impending Republican takeover, so I will. He misses the exit polls. ...

Only one man, but a very, very big man: History guy notes that despite Daniel Gross' argument that the market rallies when Republicans win (or Democrats die), the market was down early today (it is still slipping around). Mfbenson answers that Harvey Pitt's departure outweighs the new Republican majority in the Senate.

They eat their own: Democratic self-loathing is all over the Fray. Marylb gives Terry McAuliffe the Dumb and Dumber award here; Loree blames her party here (well, after blaming stupid Americans here last night).

Whatever floats your gloat: Tom has the best Democrat zinger here  "Political rally turns into Funeral. Ironic, huh?" ... 8:30 a.m. 


Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2002

Webmasters and ward-heelers: Following Nicholas Thompson's announcement  of 2002 as the year the Internet finally makes a difference in the election, many are expressing their doubts in ergonomic terms. Robert J. Molineaux thinks the Oct. 26 peace rally in Washington is a dry-run for the election here:

Participants were predominantly middle class, white students, academics and church people, while those who will come back in body bags are african-americans, hispanics and rural poor. Very few of these latter participated in the rally. Why? Because it was organized and promoted (albeit in a very short time) via the internet, to which the minorities have limited access. This is not good news for democrats trying to use the internet for election campaigns. There is still no substitute for leg power.