The new Harry Potter is here!

The new Harry Potter is here!

The new Harry Potter is here!

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Nov. 8 2002 3:53 PM

The New Harry Potter Is Here!

Plus, readers give the Democrats advice.

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The question remains though, 'hungry for more in an hour?"8:00 a.m.


Whatcha really, really want:Max Weber describes politicians as switchmen on the railroad of history; William Saletan offers a theory  of politicians as "right place, right time" candidates. Not many in the BallotBox Fray want to debate the idea of "elections you want to win." Over in MoneyBox, though, Dilan Esper fleshes out Daniel Gross's lamentation on the loss of fiscal discipline here. His "silver lining" is at odds with Saletan's prognostication:

So what is in store the next two years? Gross' picture is pretty accurate-- big tax cuts, uncontrolled spending growth, and probably the largest deficits in history. And these deficits will drive up interest rates during a time when we desperately need businesses to start investing again. This could very well plunge the economy into a very serious slump. I like the Democrats' chances very much in 2004.

The subsequent thread is solid, and Qui Tam's point—that things won't be "really, really bad" by 2004—might make that an election you don't want to win …

Tone ponies: In the horserace post-mortem, Kurl starts a thread blaming the Democrats' loss on their nasty tone (BD agrees that Americans hate snotty pols—remember Republican defeats in the 90's?) …

Hi-ho, hi-ho … : Abre los ojos—self-proclaimed "quasi-neocon"—starts the draft Hillary movement here. After rejecting the like Democratic "dwarves" as "pale, stale…and male," he

Bush put his prestige on the line by campaigning vigorously in the runup to these elections; he rolled the dice, and came up huge. If you ask me,it's time for the Dems to go for it, to take some risks. It's time to annoint a distinctive, charsimatic, newsworthy, electric public figure with the "star" quality to compete with Bush, and to lead and set the tone for the party toward 2004. There's only one figure: Snow White and Evil Queen in one, Hillary Clinton …

The left's last rites: Sarvis sounds the death knell here6:35 a.m.


Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2002

50-50 or fight: Kaus may be retreating from his "50-50 Forever" theory, but frankly0 is not. The least wound-licking bit of analysis I've found today:

Did the GOP takeover of the Senate represent some sort of sea change? In terms of numbers, clearly not. The decisive races in the Senate, in Missouri, Minnesota, and South Dakota, would all have gone to Democrats had only 1 person in 100 shifted votes. ...

Rove, having succeeded in his cynical manipulation of the election, will now see to it that the result is spun that Bush will be perceived to have a mandate. All things right wing will descend on the American people, no matter which part of the 50-50 split they may occupy.