Flat taxes and taxed servers.

Flat taxes and taxed servers.

Flat taxes and taxed servers.

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Nov. 26 2002 7:21 AM

Flat Taxes and Taxed Servers

Readers respond to Robert Shapiro.

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It will be a toss-up, soon enough, between the gov't encouraging hackers by making individuals' computers insecure and the gov't encouraging piracy by letting people secure their own computers and networks. ...

Nulla dies sine Linnaeus: Culturebox Fraysters are quick to defend Michael Kinsley's "refreshing self-effacement" against National Book Award nonfiction committee chair Chris Merrill's"pompous indictment." (Zagat-like quotes from Hosea here.) Zathras offers a critique of Merrill lifted from a natural history museum diorama guide:

And now, the literary bluenose shark ... Rare outside major universities and publishing firms, this species is known to strike at great length and in high dudgeon at passing writers who let slip the idea that not all that is published is worthy or even very good. Can be pacified with large quantities of flattery and assurances that it is too ... Humorless but generally harmless.

(Based on Zathras' effortless use of the word "dudgeon," he has been reading Slate too long; can savvy and overrated be far behind?) ... Newsflash: Fray nickname rules hit consulting industry: KPMG Consulting is busy spending $45 million to change it's name to BearingPoint. (All that cash and no goofy diacritical marks? They wuz robbed!) Rob Walker summarizes  the twofold significance of the change: "a) the new name is an exciting development, and b) the company is as great as ever, so the new name doesn't really mean anything." andkathleen adds

c) we don't have anything to do with scandals. Nothing! We're the same as ever, but we aren't doing anything wrong now. Not that we were before, ha ha! Nope! But we're squeaky clean, and you should run, not walk, to our nearest branch office. 'Cause we're all new! Except for our experience. 

Boomer Sooner it ain't: And Inonit-2 spots us the link to KPMG's old fight song—a must-hear. ... 4:15 a.m.


Monday, Nov. 25, 2002

Illuminating the masonic conspiracy: As Dan Menaker has already noted, a regular Soprano's Frayster (liviasghost) was the first to ponder Tony's dream of being a mason, beating the shrinks to the punch here. ...

And if Kaus gets his way, they'll have to change the stationery again: Now that Senate Democrats have acquiesced in authorizing Bush's version of the Homeland Security, Fred Kaplan turns to the bureaucratic job at hand. Pacimini(recently Keep a Clear Eye) thinks Kaplan wants the impossible here:

Kaplan is a funny guy if he thinks that the federal government is going to "throw money" at the terrorism problem and eliminate pork at the same time. It doesn't work that way … That's why the big defense contracts for fighter jets and things like that are spread out over so many Congressional districts.

He saves his harshest comments for Republicans: