Readers on Zac Unger's baby; more Wellstone rally.

Readers on Zac Unger's baby; more Wellstone rally.

Readers on Zac Unger's baby; more Wellstone rally.

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Nov. 1 2002 11:45 AM

Divine Interventions

The Fray prays for Percy Unger and rallies behind Wellstone's ghost.

Preemies and premiums: After an enormous outpouring of support and prayer for Diarist Zac, Shona, and their preemie daughter Percy (great example: MsZilla's here), the Fray got fairly quiet. Some posters are hanging around to tackle the tough issues:


  1. Should the Ungers have adopted rather than go the surrogate route? miss mae begins a thoughtful thread here; Christe, herself a surrogate, responds here.
  2. Should insurers and their policy-holders pay for such expensive care? See Chris's "Baby of Technology 2" here.
  3. Where can the Ungers find a good meal in Modesto?
  4. What should they do about insurance? Barbara, a lawyer who has worked with health insurers for a long time, has some potentially useful advice here. One part (in which insurance lackey concurs):

Zac, you need insurance counseling. Your post contains some misinformation that could be costing you a bundle of money. The most glaring is that the insurance company has a rule on whose insurance company has to cover a baby when each parent has different insurance. There is no such rule. Your wife should have been able to pick up coverage of your infant from day one. ...

Bloody shirt waving 101: Mickey Kaus has kinda-sorta defended the hybrid memorial/pep rally for Wellstone as a "human response" here. Sarvis goes all out here:

Wellstone wasn't a politician? He wasn't a fighter? If his very essence was the fight for his beliefs, why then should it stop at the very moment we celebrate his life?

Wellstone's death was a huge blow to the deepest spirits of true liberals. As distasteful as many find it, a pep rally is EXACTLY what we needed.

Rather than focus on the politicization of Wellstone's death, we should be focussing on the character of that politicization. Is the core message close to one that Wellstone would have approved of? Did Wellstone have to die to remind progressives that liberal is not a dirty word? Apparently. We'll see if it lasts. ... 8:40 a.m.


Thursday, Oct. 31, 2002

Sweeney McNasty: The Book Club discussion of Dave Eggers' You Shall Know Our Velocity has brought out the mean readers in force. Nicole sees Eggers as a major control freak here; Big Bill thinks Eggers is a bully here, and Tootie from Roughing It sees the vengeance under the random acts of kindness here:

I do think it's lucky that someone managed to tear Mother Teresa and St. Paul away from e-mailing bile in the name of image-maintenance long enough for them to perform their random acts of kindness. Be careful of Eggers. His toys are all sharp and he throws them. ...

I'm going to dress up like beatific magnanimity for Halloween. Someone e-mail McSweeney's so I can find out how.

(My bit is here.)

TGIFrida: Carol Kino's review of Frida laments the absence of Kahlo-at-work scenes. ("So how about just a single shot of Frida's studio, a close-up of her paints and brushes, or the metal panels she used in place of canvas?") Kassandra and lyamhound debate the oddness of artistic biopics that ignore the artistry beginning here. As K puts it: