Readers on Slate's predictability

Readers on Slate's predictability

Readers on Slate's predictability

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Oct. 23 2002 3:05 PM

Barry-ing the Lede

The Fray finds Slate's World Series coverage predictable.

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And I Don't Much Care: The Book Club Fray are not fans of Allison Pearson's I Don't Know How She Does It, even if they've never read it. MarkW wonders "Why on EARTH would any busy mother want to sit down to read yet another book about a busy mother trying to 'have it all'?" MsZilla, who at least sneaked 10 or so pages in a bookstore (Powell's?), compares it unfavorably with Please Don't Eat the Daisies. Her best line: "This is another case where the addition of a therapist to the character list would have rendered most of the book unnecessary." A "supermom" herself, perhaps she can trade her career to become a web-based writer specializing in short-circuiting popular novels. Until then, she can claim her star in Best of the Fray.


28 Across: Bike town? Perhaps the next book will meet with more approval: Dave Eggers' You Shall Know Our Velocity(McSweeney's Press). It is available only through independent bookstores, and the ISBN is 0970335555.

Grendel's den: Over in the Poems Fray, the discussion of "Dickhead" has been surprising, mainly because the poem surprised Kip Soteres here, and he surprised most everyone else … 12:00 p.m.


Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2002  

Pirates with pens-ance: In this week's Ad Report Card, Rob Walker sees Intel's latest ad as an enticement to Pentium-assisted music piracy. Socalchango finds more evidence that Intel is doing battle againstthe record industry here. One little tidbit:

How could Walker miss what he does after the alleged pirating? That's right, he draws on it using a black marker! How many millions of dollars did Sony and Universal spend developing a so-called "anti-piracy" CD, only to have their technology disabled by a teen armed with a humble felt-tipped pen?

(What drivessocalchango? The sense "that Madison Avenue has scored a double victory in this brave new world: Not only do most find commercials trivial, but they are also moved to ridicule the minority who don't share their complacency.[Emphasis added]")

Twiffer the gnu thinks Intel is sending a much-needed message to content providers here:

[T]he veiled advice to the recording companies (get with the future, dumbasses) is a good one. other than MLB, i can't really think of another industry that harps only on its problems, whines incessently, screws its fans and continues to pursue wrongheaded business plans that exacerbate the problem.

Providing Fraywatch with a seldom-seen segue to a …

Whole new ball game: In which twiffer the gnu returns and notes correctly that Hugo Lindgren has remade Sports Nut into Ad Report Card with his account of World Series Game 2. Posters are following suit (not all—Adam Masin and Brian have a brief discussion of Troy Percival's ninth inning beginning here). On to the ads: Several posters find the prospect of sex with theCoors Light Twins off-putting (although someone must not—even the 30-second spots for the new film I Spy feature Eddie Murphy joking to Owen Wilson that if Famke Janssen has a sister, it will be "the three of us.") Tim Lowell is simply perplexed: