Ron Radosh on The American Conservative.

Ron Radosh on The American Conservative.

Ron Radosh on The American Conservative.

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Oct. 5 2002 1:20 AM

Thug Life

The Fray dissects The American Conservative.

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Nice threads: Anticipating Steve Chapman's argument, Beverly Mann starts a terrific thread on deterrence here, and has been joined by bmcburney, Bill Nolan, Engram, and Publius. The Bell asks anti-war Fraysters for their arguments here, and is getting them ...


If it's not love, then it's the bomb: Responding to Weisberg, Steve Chapman stakes out the maximal position, that even a nuclear-armed Saddam is no threat to the U.S. (Doodahman had made a less temperate version of Chapman's argument here.) In response, Andrew Millhaupt makes the case that the costs of even an accidental release from the Iraqi biological weapons program are enough justification for an invasion here. ...

On looking into Chapman's archive: Ender wonders if Chapman had contradicted an earlier position against missile defense; Chapman enters The Fray here to explain why not. ...

Again again: In his entry today, William Saletan reaffirms the importance of stopping Saddam's nuclear program here; in rapid response, doodahman reaffirms his faith in containment here. ...12:05 p.m.


Friday, Sept. 26, 2002


Domestications: The Chatterbox Fray (filtered here) has newfound focus discussing Tim Noah's latest entries. Today's Whopper, in which term limit pasha Tom Tancredo reneges on his pledge not to run again finished with a plea to end the crusade for term limits. Dilan Esper roused himself to explainwhy the crusade should not end, even when your representative is Henry Waxman.

Noah's defense of Tom Daschle's dudgeon (word on loan from kausfiles here) includes a crack about the irrelevance of the anti-terror org chart. This earns smart criticism from Thrasymachus here (not your usual Bush supporter). Has he been corrupted by the bizarro world of Chatterbox? Hardly. This is what happens when you bring your usual thoughtfulness with you …

The response to Noah's piece also contains the best short case I have seen for extending civil service protections to the new Homeland Security department, from RuebenJames here:

[T]he evidence about how the intelligence agencies performed before 9-11 would indicate that the civil service types at grunt level did a good job. The rank and file people had massive amounts of evidence about what the terrorist were up to. The failure appears to be at the management levels, where supervisors ignore evidence, didn't pass it up, didn't talk to their counterparts in other agencies, etc. Bush's plan to make these workers solely dependent for job security and promotion on their superiors is only going to ensure that these agencies are staffed with people who are afraid to go up against their bosses, even when they know they're right.

If only these posts led somewhere, like the nice Chatterbox thread between Media Watcher and bmcburney as they debate Gore's contradictions here

Guide to Kulcha: Not everything is Iraq. In the Movies Fray (which is back to normal), posters are taking issue with Edelstein's pronouncement that Moonlight Mile is the worst movie of the year. Many have other nominees (DB omnibus list here), while Roy Kristiansen notes "we've still got three whole months to go." …