Ron Radosh on The American Conservative.

Ron Radosh on The American Conservative.

Ron Radosh on The American Conservative.

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Oct. 5 2002 1:20 AM

Thug Life

The Fray dissects The American Conservative.

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Christine Stolba sounded an alarm about "quotas in every arena of higher education, including the classroom."

But again, there are quotas and there are quotas. Apparently statistical arguments about gender equity on campus are entirely palatable when the claim is that men and not women are at risk. Without a glimmer of worry about self-coronating as a quota queen, Stolba ominously remarked that "the underrepresented sex on campus will no longer be women, but men."


Here, in the Jurisprudence Fray, Stolba responds. Part of her answer:

[T]he remarks she cites from my testimony before the Commission were hardly "ominous," nor were they an effort to "self-coronate" as a "quota queen." In fact, my statement was meant to emphasize exactly what Ms. Sanders says we are all ignoring: the broad reach of Title IX into all areas of education, including athletics.

As to the underrepresentation of men on college campuses, Stolba writes,

[M]y point in raising this fact was not to argue that we should start using Title IX to grant men preferences in education. It was to demonstrate the danger of using rigid notions of statistical parity as the measure of equality in education for either sex. ...

Twilight time: In the Poems Fray, two events of note. First, Paul Breslin, author of "The City" has jumped into The Fray to respond to his critics (starting here). He hopes other poets will take advantage of the attentive audience. Second, responses to this week's poem "Still Life With Moving Figure" are running 9 to 2 in favor. Check out the shann's thread here and Kip Soteres' here. ...

Don't fence me in: Hugo Lindgren makes the counterintuitive argument that Jason Giambi is hurting the Yankees (his stats have fallen; he costs too much), and the Sports Nut Fray subjects him to his ritual pummeling (even before last night's 3-for-4, 3 RBI performance). While there are several statistically rich refutations (like Adam Masin's here), Deak Nabers offers this strategically savvy counter:

It wasn't the money that the Yankees pay Giambi which kept them from acquiring great mid-summer talent; it was the prospects (arguably their two best) they spent acquiring Jeff Weaver. ... 9:45 a.m.


Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2002  

Good vibrations: In the wake of Sunday night's Sopranos (and our shrinks' rediagnoses), many viewers have announced that the show is in danger of losing them. BadaBing is to the point here: "Another show like the last one, and it will get a toe tag."

Judith Shulevitz and Buffalo Gal are fighting over Glen Gabbard's therapeutic style. Some clips: