Sweet nothings: Readers on Hershey.

Sweet nothings: Readers on Hershey.

Sweet nothings: Readers on Hershey.

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Sept. 20 2002 12:42 PM

Sweet Nothings

The Fray speaks out on Hershey.

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Monday, Sept. 16, 2002  


Morons and oxys: The Assessment Fray pivoted around a single phrase in Chris Suellentrop's piece on Tony Blair: "American liberal elites and intellectuals." Several Fraysters took issue (see my picks), but the best discussion began when Herb 323 contended that there are intellectuals who "DO NOT view Bush as a cowboy." He quickly ran into Keith M. Ellis, who pegged him as "sadly typical of the reflexive find-something-to-be-offended-with mentality so typical on the Fray."

Sullentrop's characterizations of American intellectuals as being leftist is beyond dispute. Not just in the sense that it's true, but also in the sense that no one disputes it….

Conservatives tend to rant incessantly about the leftist bias in academia and the arts. Conservative Americans tend more toward the traditional American distrust of intellectualism which sees calling someone an "intellectual" as more of an insult than a compliment. You can't have it both ways…

And yet despite this opening salvo, both moderated their positions later in the thread …

Elocution envy: While Shari Ward was among many to suggest "Blair in '04," dikstr took a more corporate approach, wondering if the U.S. could "merge" with Great Britain.

A:B::C:D: The analogies section of the SAT may be history, but Zathras fights on. Find out why he thinks "Blair is to Bush, in short, as Thatcher was to Reagan and MacMillan to Kennedy," here.

Subj: Unsubscribe: The normally mellow Cagle Fray (which discusses editorial cartoons) erupted (well, not a Ballot-Box-style eruption, but still) when Cagle reposted some cartoons from 9/11/01. Ritual unsubscribes littered the board.

TV Club Whacked! Now that the panel of psychologists is back for the new Sopranos season, and the TV Club is on MSN.com, the Fray may get clogged. In such situations, look for the posts from the first couple hours to find the best discussions. Late tonight, start looking for my picks … 2:15 p.m.


Friday, Sept. 13, 2002  

Ballot Box has been especially busy keeping up with Bush's major policy statements: the NYT op-ed, the speech on Ellis Island, and the address to the U.N. Put all that into the Ballot Box Fray, where it runs into the boisterous background of party-bashing, political news flashes and polls (Q: Will there be a vote in the Senate  on war with Iraq?), and it can be hard Fraying. As usual, a time-constrained reader can simply View Fray Editor’s Picks (there are a passel) or go to any of the selections below. ...

I. More government by op-ed: The Bell started perhaps the best Op-Ed thread here. Arrow read the piece as legitimate strategic thinking here: