Sweet nothings: Readers on Hershey.

Sweet nothings: Readers on Hershey.

Sweet nothings: Readers on Hershey.

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Sept. 20 2002 12:42 PM

Sweet Nothings

The Fray speaks out on Hershey.

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Dr. Phil or Phil's Dr.'s?: marylb, America's lone Donahue viewer, started an excellent discussion of the waitress/doctors and terrorist tipping here.


Yellow lines and dead Frays: Thus far people have nothing to say about this week's Book Club, Middlesex. So dust off your copies of Myra Breckenridgeand S/Z, your DVD's of Hedwig and Boys Don't Cry,and get Fraying  …

Deep Impacts: Although the Fraying may have been rather thin to open the week, be prepared for a tsunami of scintillating new content, which will keep me and, I hope, you awash in superior posts … 8:15 a.m.


Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2002  

New and improved!: The Ad Report Card Fray—now with more Baudrillard!!! here.

City on the make: The Diary Fray  continues to be a place for great debates. Try some of the featured posts at the bottom of Kalven's second entry ... 9:05 p.m. 

Candyman, Candyman, Candyman … : As the new week of Fraying gets underway, it's clear the Diary Fray discussion of Jamie Kalven's work in a Chicago Housing Authority high-rise will be one of the best for several reasons—great writing, great photos, a contentious public policy debate seen from the inside, and what promises to be regular Fray contributions from Kalven's colleague, David Eads. You can check his first post here and his MBTU for subsequent posts. (Forewarning: Any discussion of people receiving public assistance will draw vicious, racist posts. Try to navigate around those; I will try to keep the Fray relatively tidy.)

Opera-tion: The panel of Sopranos-watching psychologists aside, Mitch had the best welcome back Tony post in the Sopranos discussion here:

Seems like the writers for these highbrow series weary of their success even before the audiences; remember St.Elsewhere's cheesy descent into Twilight Zone mystico-weird in their last season? The season opener suggests a more post-modern fate for Tony, as the Family deconstructs into a garden-variety NYC/NJ business struggling to turn a profit in the post-9-11 environment, and the CEO struggles with the age-old difficulties of estate planning for the cash-basis (non)taxpayer. Tony's losing the last mythic Godfather overtones, as the musical underpinnings shift from operatic to techno-punk ...

J Gayles went expressionist here—can someone verify? Mels started a death poll here—who's next to get it? And can someone answer AngeliqueArnold's obsessional question here: what was sticking out the top of Tony's bathrobe? (All of these are in the TV Club Fray.)

Jargon of Authenticity: In the "maybe a little conformity wouldn't be so bad in this case" department: AdamMorgan's post to the Ad Report Card Fray here4:40 a.m.