Boxing Days: Readers on Saletan.

Boxing Days: Readers on Saletan.

Boxing Days: Readers on Saletan.

What's happening in our readers' forum.
Sept. 11 2002 1:51 PM

Boxing Days

Our readers respond to Saletan's changes of heart.

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Whatever thoughtful posters thought about telling the hefty friend, they were of one mind that the real problem is the recent triple-digit weight gain. GimmeCoffee: "It really takes hard work to gain 130 pounds and keep it on. Is she desperately unhappy? What's going on with her?"


(Before the Prudie deluge, there was an actual adult discussion [for adults] here.) ... 9:45 p.m.


Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2002

There goes the blogosphere: With Andrew Sullivan's and KurtAndersen's discussion of blogging now on, expect oodles of "will these guys please get a life?" posts (here is a good version of that). New readers can click on "View Fray Editor's Picks" from the main Webhead Fray page to get a more filtered view if things look out of hand.

When a Fray gets several hundred posts in a day (as this one still might), good ones sometimes get lost. I'm glad I caught Stigmata's piercing entry here, which ends:

Most blogs I have read are train wrecks. Who knew that there were about 300,000 Anna Nicole Smiths on the Internet long before her tragic show?

There is a reason those little diaries had locks on them.

Can a Frayster get some help?The International Papers Fray is usually a smallish and manageable discussion of a particular event with a little "other international stuff" thrown in (like a junior varsity Today's Papers Fray). Here is a typical instance: Deej was confused by the furor over the Israeli policy that forced a suicide bomber's relatives to move to Gaza. "Isn't helping criminals illegal? It obviously is in our society and I bet it is there as well, to some degree. If this is true, then why is the deportation an issue?" Ruf Ruf then offered a political reason not to "relocate": "Those who aid and abet terrorists should be punished. So lock them in jail. Don't send them to Gaza where, as cramped and awful as it may be, they will be treated as heroes." (The last graf of the longer post is even better.) But there is still no definitive answer as to why sewing explosive belts doesn't fall under the law of accomplices but needs a new juridical regime. Anyone?

(Even though International Papers' author June Thomas is simply summarizing coverage, Jamie concluded that she is "not pro-Israel;" Echoes reached the opposite conclusion.)

Coin of the realm: In contrast to International Papers, the Moneybox Fray can be very hard to read, especially when there are several articles in quick succession. Discussions pile into one another, and there is no real "feel" to the board. Little of that has happened with Daniel Gross' article on Warren Buffett’s "vulture capitalism"—mainly because The Fray doesn't seem surprised. Both pumper's post here and Jim J.O'Brien's here note that Buffett's investing bible, Graham & Dodd's classic Security Analysis, is a "vulture" capitalist's how-to. In a new take on old news, though, Todd Childers offers an numismatical artist's perspective on why the Ohio state quarter is so bad here.

Nice threads: White Rabbit was kind enough to group all the 9/11 anniversary poems together here, per Tempo's request. 11:35 p.m.

The Long Knives: As expected, longtime Fraysters are after Robert Wright, although several have taken a vow to wait and see. The Earthling Fray is very busy, and I will strive to keep it navigable.