Hillary Clinton's sorry nonapology.

How you look at things.
Feb. 20 2007 6:35 PM

The War on Error

Hillary Clinton's sorry nonapology.

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5. Responsibility. According to the article, Clinton "likes to think and formulate ideas as if she were president—her 'responsibility gene,' she has called it. In that vein, she believes that a president usually deserves the benefit of the doubt from Congress on matters of executive authority." Thinking like a president also means standing behind your decisions, an adviser argues: "Groveling and saying at every opportunity that you made a mistake doesn't actually help you solve the problem."

How odd. Voters just repudiated a president who thinks that stubbornness is responsibility and that admitting mistakes is groveling. The way to act responsibly is not to act like him. It also happens to be the way to get elected. And if you don't understand the former, you don't deserve the latter.