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Biological Baloney

The glaring contradiction at the heart of the anti-gay marriage argument.

March 4 2015 10:53 AMSlate Voice: “Shag the Dog”Listen to Will Saletan read his 2001 essay about the merits of zoophilia.
Feb. 19 2015 6:20 PMJudgment DaySan Francisco Catholics want a church that doesn’t judge. That’s not possible. 
Nov. 12 2014 9:34 AMDivine RevisionHow Mormons will come to accept homosexuality.
Sept. 11 2014 5:53 PMCandid JusticeSurveillance technology is taking away our privacy—and punishing people who deserve to be punished.
Aug. 8 2014 5:35 PMThis Is Not WarYes, we’re bombing Iraq. But the U.S. intervention is not going to escalate. 
July 16 2014 8:24 PMHamas Is Destroying GazaThe Palestinian militants are showing an utter disregard for their own people.
July 9 2014 7:38 PMThe Gaza RulesIsrael, unlike Hamas, isn’t trying to kill civilians. It’s taking pains to spare them.
July 3 2014 3:19 PMThe Tragedy of Collective PunishmentIsrael is too quick to punish innocent Palestinians for monstrous crimes committed by other Palestinians.
June 23 2014 6:32 PMAl-Qaida’s Seven Rules for the Effective TerroristISIS is breaking all of them. It will live to regret it.
June 17 2014 6:13 PMDon’t Save IraqLet it learn to save itself.
June 4 2014 5:07 PMDon’t Desert BergdahlTrading Taliban prisoners for a POW doesn’t reward terrorism. It keeps our promise to our troops.
May 6 2014 9:36 AMThe Case for Anti-Gay DiscriminationOpponents of same-sex marriage want a broader right to discriminate against gay couples.
April 23 2014 2:05 PMAnti-Semitism Is in Decline. But That Hasn’t Stopped People From Hyping and Exploiting It.
Feb. 14 2014 12:10 PMHomosexuality and Interracial Sex: Is Bobby Jindal the New Bob Jones?
Nov. 14 2013 10:25 AMObamacare’s JanitorHow Jay Carney spins Obamacare’s failures.
Feb. 20 2015 6:54 PMHow Obama Thinks About Islam and TerrorismHe sees the connection. That’s why he chooses his words so carefully.
Dec. 8 2014 11:53 PMA Conservative Case for Gay MarriageHow to talk to your antigay religious relatives about same-sex unions.
Sept. 15 2014 5:13 PMHard KnocksI was hit by a teacher in an East Texas public school. It taught me nothing.
Aug. 11 2014 11:36 AMTwo Slate Writers Debate: Are Gay Marriage Opponents Bigots?Listen to Saletan and Stern revisit a disagreement about marriage equality and religious freedom.
July 25 2014 6:00 AM“Skip the Commentary, Find the Reporting”How Will Saletan kept up with this week’s news from Israel and Gaza.
July 11 2014 9:18 PMIs Israel Killing Indiscriminately in Gaza?
July 7 2014 6:58 PMDemolishing JusticeThe Israeli government destroyed the homes of Palestinian murder suspects. Will it do the same to the homes of Jewish murder suspects?
June 30 2014 6:00 PMAmerican UnexceptionalismThe Blackwater scandal shows the U.S. isn’t immune from behaviors we abhor in others.
June 19 2014 6:12 PMNo More Mr. Naive GuyOn the future of Iraq, President Obama is a cold-blooded realist.
June 11 2014 4:01 PMWhy Did Cantor Lose? Because GOP Primary Voters Are So Extreme.
May 19 2014 2:46 PMThe Evolving Equality AgendaThe problems of racial inequality are getting more complicated. Eric Holder explains how.
May 1 2014 11:33 PMThe Collapse of Anti-Gay ReligionPolls, pastors, and theology are shifting toward same-sex marriage, even among conservatives.
April 4 2014 8:12 AMPurge the BigotsBrendan Eich is just the beginning. Let’s oust everyone who donated to the campaign against gay marriage.
Jan. 29 2014 9:22 AMThe Work EthicObama is betting that Americans will side with labor over capitalism. He’s right.
Nov. 12 2013 8:02 AMPain vs. PollsThe 20-week abortion ban isn’t designed to fit the science of fetal pain. It’s designed to fit the polls.